Best Twitch Viewer Bots

Learn the Best Twitch Viewer Bots currently available in 2021, we rank the top bots based on price and how realistic they are.
Best Twitch Viewer Bots

DISCLAIMER: Viewer Bots are against Twitch Terms of Service (TOS) and can get your account banned. The information on this page is for educational purposes only. Use these services at your own risk.

Twitch view bots have become increasingly popular with smaller streamers who use the viewer bots to boost their viewing numbers which improve their position in the Twitch Category listings, with the hope of attracting real viewers.

We don’t recommend or encourage the use of view bots, however, we understand that some people will still use them, therefore, we created this page to help safeguard streamers who want to use these viewer bots and help them avoid being scammed.

Before going through the viewer bots below, it’s important to understand that these Twitch Viewer Bots are not good for the growth of your channel.

Instead of trying to trick viewers into joining your live stream, you should focus on creating high-quality content that viewers actively look to watch, I promise if you create fun and engaging content, you’re channel will naturally grow!

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Best Twitch Viewer Bot

1. TwitchBooster

Twitchbooster is another well-known Twitch Viewer Bot service that offers live views, channel views, followers, etc.

TwitchBooster is a one-time payment service which will automatically begin serving the requested viewers/followers. The packages are available in daily, weekly, or monthly options, which will serve requested viewers/followers over a period of 1-day, 7-days, or 30-days respectively.

The price for 20 live viewers being served daily are as follows; 

  • 20 Daily Live Viewers – $15.00
    The Daily package will serve the live viewers for one day over a period of 24 hours.
  • 20 Weekly Live Viewers – $90.00
    The Weekly package will serve the live viewers each day for a period of 7 days.
  • 20 Monthly Live Viewers – $360.00
    The Monthly package will serve the live viewers each day for a period of 30 days.

TwitchBooster does offer realistic bots, however, the price of their service is quite a lot more expensive than the competition.

2. ViewerLabs (SHUTDOWN)

Viewerlabs was shut down on Sept. 4, 2021. The site ceased operation in the aftermath of suspected legal threats from Twitch, who are trying to fight the use of bots.

ViewerLabs was one of the longest-running and more popular Twitch Viewer Bots available on the market, they offered; realistic-looking bots, an innovative dashboard for full control over the bots, and an easy price structure which made ViewerLabs one of the best Twitch Viewer Bots.

They offer weekly and monthly subscription plans which provide an all-in-one package for realistic live viewers, followers, channel views, and chatbots.

The cheapest weekly subscription costs $10 and gives you 25 Live Viewers, Up to 25 chatbot chatters, and 50 followers.

The cheapest monthly subscription costs $35.00 and gives you 25 Live Viewers, Up to 25 chatbot chatters, and 200 Followers.

Prices increase depending on the number of bots you want access to.

Their dashboard allows full control over how and when the bots interact with the live stream, allowing you to limit the number of viewers, followers, chatters you get over the course of the live stream, this makes the views much more realistic and means there is less chance you will get caught.

Live Views and Channel Views

Other Twitch Viewerbot services separate Live views and Channel views into two services which means when you get a live view, you won’t get a channel view, Instead, you need to purchase channel views separately and they go onto the channel almost instantly. This is very unrealistic and could be a reason why an account gets banned.

ViewLabs instead combines live stream viewers and channel views so that the viewer numbers stay realistic, therefore, if you request a live stream viewer, you will also receive a view on your channel.

Does using a Twitch Viewer Bot work?

In the short term you might think that having a boosted number of viewers and followers is good, but in the long term it’s probably going to cause more harm than good to your channel.

In order to build a popular channel, you need to have a community of active viewers who support you and continue watching, chatting, following, subscribing, etc.

Instead of buying fake viewers or followers, you would be better off using the money to help create better content which people would be interested in watching. 

There is no magic shortcut to being successful as a streamer, you need to have good content and work hard to market that content to any viewers which you attract.

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If you have used a Twitch Viewer bot, please let us know your experience in the comments below.