Should I Upgrade From the Goxlr Mini to the Goxlr?

Yearning for enhanced streaming capabilities?

When contemplating the transition from the GoXLR Mini to its larger counterpart, the GoXLR, an array of factors come into play, impacting your streaming experience and audio quality.

The decision to upgrade involves more than just a shift in size; it delves into enhanced features, customization options, and potential budget implications.

Before making the leap, ponder on whether the added functionalities and improvements justify the switch, or if the Mini suffices for your streaming needs.

Goxlr Mini Vs Goxlr: Feature Comparison

When comparing the GoXLR Mini to the full-size GoXLR, significant differences in features become apparent. The GoXLR Mini lacks motorized faders and has fewer customizable buttons compared to its larger counterpart. The full-size GoXLR, on the other hand, offers more voice effects knobs, presets, and includes a de-esser feature that is absent in the Mini version. Additionally, the GoXLR Mini does not have voice changer and sampler features that are present in the full-size GoXLR, limiting its versatility in certain audio applications. Moreover, the full-size GoXLR provides more extensive EQ options for microphones, giving users greater control over their sound settings.

One of the most significant disparities between the two models is the price difference, with the full-size GoXLR being approximately $330 more expensive than the GoXLR Mini. This price variation is reflective of the feature gap between the two models, with the full-size GoXLR offering a more comprehensive set of features for users who require advanced audio customization capabilities.

Audio Quality Differences Between Models

Comparing the audio quality between the GoXLR Mini and the full-size GoXLR reveals minimal discernible differences, maintaining a high standard of sound output across both models. Both devices deliver impressive sound quality, making it challenging to distinguish between them during live broadcasts. The GoXLR Mini, known for being a more budget-friendly option, does not compromise significantly on audio quality compared to its larger counterpart. Users might not experience substantial improvements in audio quality when upgrading from the Mini to the full-size GoXLR. When deciding whether to upgrade, it is crucial to consider additional features and functionalities beyond just sound performance.

Audio Quality Differences GoXLR Mini GoXLR
Sound Output High High
Clarity Excellent Excellent
Compatibility Versatile Versatile
Optical Cable Support No Yes

Upgrading for Stream Customization Capabilities

Given the enhanced stream customization capabilities offered by the full-size GoXLR compared to the GoXLR Mini's functionalities, upgrading to the GoXLR provides streamers with a broader range of voice effects and presets for a more dynamic streaming experience. When considering an upgrade for stream customization capabilities, here are a few key points to make sure you are making the right choice:

  1. Enhanced Voice Effects: The GoXLR offers more customizable voice effects and presets than the GoXLR Mini, allowing for a wider array of options to personalize your streams.
  2. Additional Features: Full-size GoXLR presents extra features like a voice changer and sampler sections, enabling streamers to create more engaging and interactive content.
  3. Advanced Audio Control: Upgrading to the GoXLR also provides more EQ options and a de-esser feature, enhancing the quality of your audio output and giving you greater control over sound adjustments during streams.

For streamers looking to elevate their content with advanced customization options, upgrading to the GoXLR is a recommended choice.

Physical Differences and Design Upgrades

In examining the Physical Differences and Design Upgrades between the GoXLR Mini and the full-size GoXLR, notable distinctions become evident. The full-size GoXLR boasts motorized faders, offering precise control and automation, while the Mini features non-motorized faders, which are manually adjusted. Moreover, the full-size GoXLR provides a more extensive physical interface with additional voice effects buttons and soundboard features compared to the Mini. Let's delve into a detailed comparison of the physical variances between these two models:

Aspect GoXLR Mini Full-size GoXLR
Fader Type Non-motorized Motorized
Customizable Buttons Fewer buttons for customization More customizable buttons and presets
Size Compact design Larger build

The design upgrades in the full-size GoXLR offer enhanced functionality and control options, catering to users looking for a more comprehensive audio interface. These physical disparities play a crucial role in determining which model best suits your streaming or audio production needs.

Budget Considerations: Is the Upgrade Justified?

Considering the price disparity between the GoXLR Mini and the full-size GoXLR, evaluating the justification for upgrading primarily hinges on the necessity and utility of the additional features offered by the higher-end model. Before deciding to upgrade, it is essential to weigh the cost difference of around $330 against the benefits the GoXLR provides. Here are key points to consider before making a decision:

  1. Voice Effects Knobs: The GoXLR offers a wider range of voice effects knobs compared to the Mini, allowing for more customization and control over your audio output.
  2. Presets: With the GoXLR, you gain access to additional presets that can streamline your audio setup and enhance your streaming experience.
  3. EQ Options: The full-size GoXLR provides more advanced EQ options, enabling you to fine-tune your sound profile according to your preferences and requirements.

Evaluate whether these features are crucial for your streaming setup and if the added functionalities justify the higher cost before deciding on an upgrade for next time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Benefit of Goxlr Mini?

The GoXLR Mini offers a compact design that is space-efficient, powered solely by USB, and equipped with convenient features like non-motorized faders and RGB customization. It maintains high-quality sound performance, making it ideal for streamers.

Why Do Streamers Use Goxlr?

Streamers use GoXLR for its extensive voice effects, customizable soundboard buttons, EQ options, voice changers, samplers, and de-esser functions, enhancing streaming content. Its intuitive software interface and physical controls allow easy adjustment of audio settings on the fly.

Can You Voice Change With Goxlr Mini?

The GoXLR Mini does not support voice changing capabilities. To achieve voice modulation and manipulation, consider upgrading to the full-size GoXLR, which offers dedicated voice effects and presets for altering your voice during streams.

Is the Goxlr Good for Gaming?

The GoXLR is highly beneficial for gaming, offering voice effects, soundboard controls, EQ options for microphone customization, audio mixing capabilities, and voice level adjustments. It enhances gaming experiences by enabling better communication and control over audio sources.


In conclusion, when weighing the decision to upgrade from the GoXLR Mini to the full-size GoXLR, it is essential to consider the feature disparity, audio quality differences, customization capabilities, physical design variances, and budget constraints.

The upgrade may be justified for users seeking enhanced voice effects, EQ options, and overall stream customization. However, the cost-effective solutions provided by the Mini may suffice for streamers with limited resources. Ultimately, the choice depends on individual needs and preferences.