Best Green Screens for Streamers in 2024

Best Green Screen for Streaming

Creating clean and professional content should be the goal of any streamer. Besides that, finding a tool that makes it easy to modify the digital background and add different esthetic features is what most streamers dream of. Well, all these are possible for streamers can use green screens. They make it possible to create videos with beautiful backdrops with the option of easily adding other digital effects later. But so, what are the best green screens for streamers currently? Besides that, what are some of the main benefits that streamers can get by using such products? well, keep on reading to find more.

Creating a beautiful and professional digital background requires that you invest in a green screen. However, there are many different types of these products from different brands and this can make the selection process quite challenging. To help you choose an item that suits your needs, here is a review of the best green screens for streamers.

Elgato Green Screen

Best Overall Green Screen for Streaming

Key Features

  • Ultra-quick set-up and pack-up
  • A wrinkle-resistant green screen that’s optimized for quality camera chroma-keying
  • Fully immersive broadcasting experience
  • Pop-up tech with the pneumatic X-Frame

Check out our Elgato Green Screen Review for a more in-depth guide.

Elgato Green Screen

This is one of the best green screens for streamers, especially those that are just starting out. Measuring 58 x 70 inches, the Elgato collapsible green screen is designed based on simplicity but with premium features. The collapsible chroma-keying equipment comes with a pneumatic X-wing design, an attractive pop-up tech feature that makes it possible to automatically lock the green screen in place.

This is the perfect creators’ canvas offering a rocksteady solution with its screen setting the ultimate stage for a fully immersive broadcasting experience in seconds. The instant immersion makes this tool ideal for use even in the tightest workspaces.

Its effectiveness is supported by the wrinkle-resistant surface and to work, all you need is to simply turn on some lights and then let your creative juices flow. This green screen’s stash and dash design enhance convenience. If it’s time to call it a day, then you can quickly dismantle the setup, roll it up into the hard case and store it in a compact place. Elgato offers a 1-year warranty for this product.

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Linco Studio Kit

Best All-In-One Green Screen kit for streaming.

Key Features

  • 3 durable and washable muslin backdrops
  • Full-lighting system
  • 400W power output
  • Smooth and ergonomic design

Linco Studio Kit has everything that any streamer looking for an excellent Green Screen. Besides that, it has additional features that make it ideal for studio photography while working with emotes and graphics among other things.

What makes this green screen stand out are its three 5′ x 10′ chromakey green, white, and black muslin drops that are durable and washable. These muslin drops are designed to absorb light instead of reflecting it. This product is a compact and stable set that gives you the versatility you need while creating content. It’s ideal for working in small spaces but still offers the versatility that you need.

The compact and lightweight kit has superb ergonomics that provide easier adjustment. Its 400W power output makes it possible for the product to produce professional video content during on-location projects.

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Neewer Green Screen Kit

Key Features

  • Premium green screen backdrop
  • Carefully fitted edges to minimize wear and tear
  • A fully immersive experience with an adjustable support system
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications

This premium green screen drop by Neewer has a wide range of classic features but still comes at a cost-effective price. The affordable and quality streaming tool is made with an outstanding green backdrop that is big enough to allow a full-body shot.

It’s made of polyester material to promote durability and its edges have been carefully crafted and finished to minimize the chances of wear and tear. It’s worth noting that this affordable product is still one of the best green screens for streamers that offers versatility. Not only are you being able to utilize it for your streaming sessions but also photography, Game Live, and interviews among other things.

The wrinkle-resistant product has an adjustable background support system in addition to the system’s chroma key compatibility that makes it easier to handle image editing and video playback.

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Webaround Portable Green Screen

Best Compact Green Screen for streaming

Key Features

  • 56-inch diameter
  • Attaches to any chair
  • Compact and folds for storage
  • Ultra-quick set up and pack up
  • Wrinkle-resistant fabric

Webaround is known to produce quality green screens that can attach to the back of any chair. This makes it one of the best brands with compact and portable green screens that can be easily installed and taken down in seconds.

This 56″ screen has been designed for convenience. When you are done with your streaming sessions, you can simply fold it up and put it back in its carrying bag. The best thing about is that it’s compact hence it conveniently fits anywhere, minimizing clutter. there are no stands, taping, or rigging. Its set-up is simple yet unique. You just have to unfold it and then place it on a chair before adjusting your webcam. This will give you a clean and consistent professional look that can be customized to meet your content preferences.

For most streamers, this has become must-have equipment, especially for those who are constantly on the move. Webaround compact and portable green screen can effectively block all the distractions around you so that you can focus on your craft. It’s been invented with everyone in mind and with its built-in stabilizer, you can have the right background that will help you stand out.

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Fancierstudio 2000W Lighting Kit

Key Features

  • 2000-Watt 10′ x 12′ screen
  • 120V-rated CFL light bulbs for US standard
  • High-clarity and spotless streaming content
  • Produces soft and directional lighting with the diffusion panel

If you are a serious streamer who has invested their time in this craft, then you need a powerful product as this 2000W green screen. It’s made with quality CFL 120V-rated light bulbs that offer the clarity you need. This green screen can basically improve the quality of any video you take.

Its softboxes are known to produce even lighting and are designed to emulate natural lighting. Fancierstudio lighting kit evenly diffuses and softens lighting, thereby helping you achieve the results required.

Whether you want to dance or walk around on your stream, its extra-large backdrop makes it effective to capture everything on view. It meets your needs and that’s why you can conveniently use it during all your adventures. Note that this kit is simple to set up and its adjustable design also makes it quick to pack or transport.

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Why Do Streamers Need a Green Screen?

Homes as well as offices or even corporate boardrooms mostly have less desirable shooting options. Of course, no one wants to constantly shoot into a plain white wall and that’s why adding a clean background is important. The benefits of using a green screen include:


When using different locations, these screens offer much-needed flexibility. You don’t have to develop and re-design locations when preparing your environment. This flexibility also offers digital background consistency in case you have to deal with different settings.


You might want to stream or pre-record your play in a different location. with a green screen, you don’t have to worry about the setup since these products are usually portable. You can take your green screen anywhere regardless of the setting. As a result, you don’t have to rent a conference room every time you are away from your usual streaming location.


You can customize your content by branding it with your identity. This means that you can use the digital background to add branding elements such as textures and colors to make your video personalized. Besides that, you can always change the branding to suit different needs. you just have to swap the background and create a new type of branding that complement’s your current needs.

Reduced Stress

Serious streamers seldom have the time they need to arrange the surrounding environment. This can be quite stressful, especially if there are a lot of scattered things that you have to constantly deal with. However, having a green screen can help you save time by minimizing the stress that comes with arranging your surroundings.

Improved Aesthetics and Professionalism

Adding a digital background to your stream will definitely help to beautify it. Green screens make streams more attractive and presentable to viewers.

The fact that you can also maintain a certain streaming environment helps to add a sense of professionalism, regardless of your location. A combination of professionalism, improved esthetics, and consistency will make you stand out.

Improved Focus

Busy backgrounds can easily get distractive. The fact that you have to deal with motion means that your mind and focus will be all over the place. However, a green screen can help to effectively block out all the possible distractions and this will be consequentially good for your viewers since only your streams will be the objects of focus.

Our Ranking Process

Green screens are the best for chroma keying since they offer distinct hues from most types of skin colors. With the wide range of products in the market, we had to consider certain core factors when picking the best green screens for streamers. Our quality ranking process involved:

Durability and Quality

Products that are durable and can withstand wear and tear are usually the best. This is because they guarantee users long-lasting service delivery while offering value for money.

When it comes to quality green screens, we considered those that help to prevent the formation of shadows and ensure that you can continue to broadcast your play even while working overtime. This helps to promote productivity throughout.


Occasionally, or even frequently, you might need to change your streaming location. This means that you might need to carry your green screen with you. For convenience and efficiency, a portable green screen would be the most ideal. It should be compact and be able to easily fit in small spaces whether packed or underuse.


If you are a new streamer, buying a new green screen can be quite expensive. At this time, you certainly don’t have a lot of money and you have to split your budget to cater to different needs. Our selection process involved picking cost-effective products.


Having a premium green screen is now an essential tool for any streamer. It makes your content more beautiful, presentable, and professional to viewers. Green screens come with numerous features that allow for personalization hence you can use them to stand out and keep your audience more engaged.

The green screens in this review are among the most sought-after in the market. They have not only anti-wrinkle but are also budget-friendly. They come in different sizes and are ideal for work in almost all types of settings.


Q: What is a Green Screen?

A: This is simply an act of filming content in front of a screen with a single color, usually green or blue as the backdrop.

Q: How Does a Green Screen Work?

A: This backdrop basically works by providing a solid color that can be manipulated easily using a chroma key editor. This means that you can easily set up the software to remove the background completely or simply replace the green solid backdrop with a video or image.

Q: What are the Benefits of Using Green Screens?

A: Streams get the opportunity to produce esthetically pleasing, clean, and professional content. Besides that, they have the versatility they need when they want to create videos with different final looks.

Q: Does a Green Screen Help to Save Costs?

A: Yes. You owe your viewers high-quality content but this doesn’t mean that you should overspend. Such a product helps to save costs since you can create different streaming settings by displaying specific locations, features, and objects.