How to Stream Pokémon Go on Twitch?

Streaming Pokémon Go can be a great way to show off your achievements as well as making some cash. One of the most renowned Twitch streamers “the Mystic7” earned more than a million dollars just by streaming. Keeping the current situation in mind, I will explain how you can stream your Pokémon Go gameplay on Twitch safely from your home.

First of all, you will need to have some equipment like a PC and capture card to give your content a more professional look. Now there are many ways to stream your gameplay on Twitch. If you are serious about your content, I will suggest you get a capture card and use OBS studio to stream. But if you are tight on budget, you can even use your phone.

I’ve mentioned some basic steps to start streaming your Pokemon Go gameplay on Twitch and now I’d like to provide some valuable insights into this topic. In this article, I will extensively talk about how to stream Pokemon Go on Twitch.

Some Necessary Equipment

Now for good quality content, you will need some equipment that will make your streams more eye-pleasing. Keep in mind that you will need an internet speed of 5 Mbps (Upload speed) or more and a phone that has a good specification for seamless stream. For making professional-looking content, you will need the following equipment.

  • Laptop or PC
  • Webcam
  • Tripod
  • Microphone
  • Lighting
  • Background Setting
  • Capture card
  • HDMI Splitter
  • USB-C to F HDMI cable

If you properly utilize these gadgets, your content will reach more people and you will be able to increase the traffic of your Twitch channel. But only gadgets won’t be enough to make your channel popular. Many people don’t realize that using appropriate software is as important as using high end  gadgets.

There are many applications available for you to stream your gameplay on Twitch, but I will suggest you use OBS studio. It is used by millions of streamers out there as it offers different functionality while being completely free of cost. This streaming software is open-source and it is compatible with cross-platform.

Stream Using Capture Card

If you use a capture card as well as OBS software, you will be able to broadcast your gameplay live from your phone with your personalized setup and you will be able to maintain top-notch quality.

Some of the good quality capture cards can be costly, but if you are serious about streaming your Pokemon Go gameplay on twitch and if you are looking to build a professional career on this platform, then trust me, this investment will be worthy.

Now, if you are going to use a capture card to stream directly from your phone, the first thing that you will need is a USB-C to F HDMI cable. Now, if you are using an android phone to play Pokemon Go, you will also have to purchase a splitter (HDMI splitter) so that you could mirror the screen of your phone on a PC or laptop.

There are many capture cards out there that will be perfect for you and most of them will come with free software that will make the whole process easy. You can set different settings and save them so that you could use them every day without any hassles.

Stream by Screen Monitoring

Although it is highly recommended to use a capture card for streaming your Pokemon Go gameplay, everyone won’t be able to afford it. For them, using screen monitoring software would be a fantastic alternative. For streaming mobile games like Pokemon Go, you will need to download the software on your PC or Laptop as well as on your smartphone.

If you are willing to stream your PVP content on twitch, such software will be especially helpful as you will be able to connect it with StreamLabs and you can also customize different layouts and settings. Most of the streaming software you will find will be totally free of cost, although in some cases, you might have to pay a small monthly subscription fee to access all the features.

There are many screen monitoring software out there that will support no-lag streaming functionality and it is an important feature as it will help you to broaden your audience. Some of the best screen monitoring software include

Stream Directly From Your Phone

I know many of you out there don’t have access to such high-end equipment but still want to stream on twitch. Well, the good news is, you can do that directly from your phone. Of course, the quality of your content won’t be top-notch, but you have to start your streaming career from somewhere, right?

There is a fantastic software named Streamlabs that allows seamless streaming. This application is especially helpful for making VLOGs and commentaries. It is very easy to use and customization options are endless. The best part is, it is completely free of cost and I will provide a step-by-step guide on how you can start streaming using this software.

Step one

First of all, download the software on your mobile phone. It is available on both android and IOS.

Step Two

Now, open the app. You will see a Log-in option. Just use your Twitch account to log in. After that, you will see a message popped up that asks for the camera and mic access of your phone. Just tap allow. Don’t worry, the app is very trustworthy and it won’t use any of your mobile’s functionality without your permission.

Step Three

After that, you will see an arrow at the top right corner of your screen. Just start Pokemon Go on your phone and then press on that arrow to allow the app to stream your gameplay.

Step Four

Now, you will need to crank the volume of your smartphone to high and check if you see a red microphone symbol on the screen. If it is not red, that means for some reason the mic of your phone is not working. Just go to the options menu and allow microphone access once more and the problem should be solved.

Step Five

Now, if everything is working, you are ready to Livestream your Pokemon Go gameplay on Twitch. You should notice a red button at the bottom of your screen. Just press it and the streaming will start.

Although most modern smartphones have built-in software that allows screen recording or even streaming, I will still recommend using Streamlabs as it offers features that most of the built-in apps don’t.

Proper Channel Personalization

Proper personalization of your Twitch channel is very important as it will distinguish your channel from others. Now, how you would personalize your channel is completely up to you. On twitch, you can even Edit the info panel of your channel and there are various designs and styles that you can choose.

A unique and different layout will definitely grasp more audience than a normal-looking channel. So, I will highly recommend you not skip this step.


As you can see, for streaming your Pokemon Go gameplay, it is not compulsory to have expensive and high-end equipment. In this article, I have extensively discussed how to stream Pokemon Go on Twitch and the various methods you can try to do so.  

Hopefully, after reading the whole article, you will become a professional Twitch streamer in no time. Wishing you all the best with your Pokemon Go streaming.