The Best Twitch Chat Bots in 2024

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As Twitch becomes increasingly popular, so does the need for tools to improve the streaming experience for both broadcasters and viewers.

Twitch chatbots are an easy way to manage your chat and offer additional features to improve the experience and engagement of your viewers.

Some of the main reasons to use a chatbot include:

  • Automatically moderate chat to prevent spam, external links, illegal content, and prejudicial language.
  • Custom Commands to easily perform actions to make it easier for you and your mods. commands are limited only to your imagination, however, good commands include; banning, muting, timeouts, temporarily allowing users to post links in chat, etc.
  • Create viewer engagement in the chat with fun features such as Giveaways, polls, mini-games, etc.

In this post, we will look at the 7 Best Twitch Bots currently available.

1. StreamElements

StreamElements is a comprehensive suite of tools for broadcasters that includes features such as a chatbot, stream alerts, and on-screen graphics. It integrates with various other services, such as YouTube and Twitter.

StreamElements is the most popular Twitch bot as it’s feature-rich and easy to use.

The StreamElements chatbot includes features such as:

  • Chatbot games (including; Bingo & Roulette).
  • Tweet Integration in chat.
  • Automatic viewer rankings give viewers an incentive to take part in the chat.
  • Donations
  • Custom Commands
  • and more.

StreamElements is compatible with Twitch, Youtube, Facebook Gaming, and Trovo.

2. Nightbot

Nightbot is a popular Twitch chatbot, it’s a completely free cloud-based bot that is easy to set up and has a good amount of features to help your twitch channel.

Nightbot features include:

  • Chatbot Dashboard
  • Cloud Hosted (No downloads required).
  • Spam Filters (Spam protection)
  • Custom Commands
  • Chat Logs
  • Song requests
  • Giveaways
  • Timers
  • and more.

Nightbot is compatible with Twitch, Youtube, and Trovo.

Nightbot is one of the best Twitch chat bots, if you want to learn how to setup Nightbot on Twitch, check out this guide:

3. Streamlabs

Streamlabs is a popular streaming platform that rivals OBS and other software for streaming. The Streamlabs platform has many modules to help a streamer including Themes & Overlays, Alert boxes, and other widgets.

Streamlabs chatbot is called Cloudbot and is easy to set up and configure.

Cloudbot’s features include:

  • Timers
  • Custom chat commands
  • Polls
  • Giveaways
  • Minigames
  • and more.

Streamlabs Cloudbot is compatible with Twitch, Youtube, Facebook Gaming, and Trovo.

4. Moobot

Moobot is one of the most popular chatbots on Twitch with over 1 million active users. Moobot is easy to set up and has a number of good features to help the streamer including:

  • Points & Currency System
  • Chat Moderation
  • Mini games
  • Timers
  • Alerts
  • Song requests
  • and more.

Moobot is compatible with Twitch.

5. Phantombot

Phantombot is a free open-source Twitch chatbot that has a range of features to enhance the stream.

  • Enhanced Chat Moderation
  • mini games
  • Point System
  • Raffles
  • Custom Commands
  • Music player
  • and more

6. Botisimo

Botisimo offers a complete set of tools for a streamer to manage, monetize and grow their channel.

The chatbot itself is available on their Free plan and includes features such as:

  • Chat moderation (Spam Filters)
  • Chat Logs
  • Giveaways
  • Custom Commands
  • Music player
  • and more.

Botisimo is compatible with Twitch, Youtube, Facebook Gaming, Discord, Trovo, DLive, and more.


Does Twitch have a chatbot?

Twitch does not have a built-in chatbot, however, it does provide an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) interface that lets chatbots connect to Twitch chat. Once connected the bots can send and receive chat messages

What’s the best stream bot?

The best bot depends on the requirements of the streamer, most bots offer similar features and are generally easy to set up so it’s down to personal preference.

Do chatbots count as viewers on Twitch?

Chatbots do not count as a viewer on Twitch. Viewer counts are based on the number of unique humans that are actively watching the stream.

How much do Twitch bots cost?

Most Twitch bots are free, however, some developers do offer premium features for a monthly cost.