How to Stream on Twitch on Chromebook

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Although the Chromebook wasn’t designed to run high-resource programs, it can still be used for live-streaming the main platforms including Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube.

There are two main options when setting up a Chromebook for streaming: Use Melon to stream or Install OBS using Crouton.

Chromebook is getting more and more popular day by day. Although it is primarily made for browsing the internet, many people want to do something more than that. Don’t fall for people who tell you that it is not possible to live stream using Chromebook. In this article, I will show you How to stream on Chromebook on Twitch in the easiest ways possible.

Things You Need to Know Before Streaming on Your Chromebook

First of all, Chromebooks are not meant to do heavy-duty tasks like gaming. It has a browser-based user interface that allows the user to browse the internet. So if you are planning to game on it, it’s going to be a lot sluggish and pretty much unplayable. After all, chrome is a Linux-based OS.

However, you might want to play some browser-based games and stream on twitch. Chromebooks have the potential of being used as regular laptops, except for the system software. So if you want to get all of the potential out of it, no one is going to sue you. Just remember that it is going to be a difficult process.

As for browsing the internet, going live is a common part of it, so it is not a crime to go live using a Chromebook. There are a bunch of third-party solutions that will allow you to stream live on Twitch and other websites. What you need to do is pick one that suits your needs and call it a day.

The Ultimate Guide to Go Live on A Chromebook

There are some methods you can use to live stream to twitch using your Chromebook. In this section, I will discuss those methods in brief so that you can choose one for yourself.

How to stream on Twitch on Chromebook using OBS

You might be surprised to know that OBS can be used in Chromebooks. Actually, OBS does not directly work with Chromebooks at all. You need to use crouton for it and your system might go unstable with it. Use only if you are familiar with tech-related stuff. In order to use OBS, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Install Crouton

Enable developer mode, install crouton extension and it should be good to go. Remember that your privacy is lost the time you install crouton, so go ahead with caution. Crouton is open source, your system is not, and Linux users value their privacy.

Step 2: Use a linux distro

After installing crouton, you can install a free Linux distro on your system to run OBS on it. I recommend using a manjaro-based OS so that you can have a GUI package manager with it.

Step 3: Install OBS

Open pacman in manjaro and install OBS. After OBS is installed, the rest of the process is the same as any other operating system. Run OBS as you would and that’s it.

How to stream on Twitch on Chromebook using Twitch-Go

I always prefer open-source solutions, at least for Linux. Twitch go is a streaming extension designed by an independent developer for Chromebook. You can download it for free from Github and run it on your Chromebook. Using Crouton is recommended, but you may not choose to use it. I would recommend using crouton on any Chromebooks anyways.

The problem with this extension is you need to compile it all by yourself. The extension will get compiled on your machine and then installed as a regular chrome extension.

Step 1: Install dependencies and Get Twitch-go

First of all, you need to install ffmpeg and node js runtime on your Chromebook. After that, you have to clone the Github repository and install the server on your system. The twitch-go server will help you build the extension and then you can load the extension in chrome.

Step 2: Load the extension

Loading the extension is simple, you need to open chrome extensions, go to developer mode, and hit “load unpacked”. Then you can select the folder containing the extension and the rest is handled by chrome itself.

How to stream on Twitch on Chromebook using Melon

Melon is a paid streaming solution for chromium that has a lot of features. Obviously, when you pay some bucks for a streaming solution, you would expect it to work perfectly. It even allows you to try the free version before you buy. So if you don’t like it, you don’t have to pay for it. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

You can stream on twitch, Facebook, and YouTube at the same time and customize your stream the way you like. You can easily give your game stream a professional look and be a successful streamer. If you want to collaborate with someone or bring guests, you can do that with melon too.

Using the free plan, you can stream up to 4 hours and bring 1 guest at most. Also, the customizations will be limited and I would definitely not recommend it for serious streamers. Moreover, Melon will set their watermark on your stream which is not something you would like.

Here is a tutorial for using melon with your Chromebook. Follow the instructions carefully to organize a successful stream.

Step 1: Go to the official site of melon

As you are using Chromebook, you are already on a browser window. Use that and go to the official website of Melon. I recommend trying the free plan before grabbing the pro option. If you want to go pro later, buying a year plan is cheaper than getting monthly subscriptions.

Step 2: Login

Remember to have a twitch account before using melon. Once your browser loads the melon tab, go to the top right corner of that webpage. Click on “log in”. Then select “log in with twitch” to connect melon with twitch. Give melon access to your twitch account and you are done.

Step 3: Get ready

Once you are logged in with melon, go to the bottom right to Livestream with twitch. Melon will ask you where you are going to stream. Link your account with twitch (although you have logged in before). Twitch will ask for your authorization before setting melon up.

Step 4: Go live

If twitch has been successfully connected with melon, you can set the title and description of your live stream. Once you finish the job, select “Go live”. Your stream should start immediately.

How to stream on Twitch on a Chromebook using Reflector

This method is probably something you would not like. If your Chromebook is very cheap and not capable of running games or using other methods, you can use a mirroring service. In order to do that, you need to have a computer that is able to run OBS and your games. Desperate users will need to use this method.

Then you need to reflect the monitor of your secondary computer to your Chromebook using a reflector program. Airparrors or Reflector2 should work fine with your Chromebook. Use this method only if you have to use your Chromebook to stream and can cross all boundaries for that.


If you have read the article carefully, I hope you have now learned how to go live on twitch on a Chromebook. I’m sure that from now on, you are going to have the best out of your chrome machine and stream twitch live without any worries. Best of luck with your streaming and I hope you achieve all of your goals. Thanks for reading.

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