How do I add Spotify to GoXLR

The GoXLR provides premium audio management for streamers and podcasters. If you’re wondering how to add Spotify to GoXLR, you’re in the right place. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the entire process.

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How to add Spotify to GoXLR

Now that we’ve established the benefits of this integration, let’s dive into the step-by-step process of adding Spotify to GoXLR.

Step 1: Installation

Firstly, ensure that both Spotify and GoXLR applications are installed on your computer. If not, download them from their respective websites and follow the on-screen instructions for installation.

Step 2: Open GoXLR

Open the GoXLR app on your computer. You’ll see different sections representing each audio source that the GoXLR can manage.

Step 3: Configure Spotify

Next, open Spotify and start playing a song. Go back to the GoXLR app, and you should see a section labeled “Music” or “System.” This is where your Spotify music will play.

Step 4: Adjust Volume

On the GoXLR app, adjust the volume for the “Music” or “System” section. You can also control other settings, like EQ, compression, and noise gate, to refine your Spotify music.

Step 5: Test Audio

Finally, do a test stream to make sure everything is working as expected. The audio from Spotify should be playing through GoXLR, and you should be able to manage it with the GoXLR app.

The Advantage of Adding Spotify to GoXLR

By adding Spotify to GoXLR, streamers can elevate their audio game. This integration offers seamless control over Spotify music during broadcasts, which can dramatically enhance the streaming experience.

Immersive Experience

With Spotify on GoXLR, streamers can create a more immersive experience for their audience. Background music or specific tunes can set the mood for streams, making them more engaging and entertaining.

Personalized Playlist

By integrating Spotify with GoXLR, streamers can curate their playlists, reflecting their personality and brand. This level of customization can create a unique identity and bonding with the audience.


With this, you should have successfully added Spotify to your GoXLR. This integration will bring a new dimension to your streams, making them more engaging and enjoyable for your audience. Remember, the key to a successful stream lies in how well you can manage and control your audio. So, take full advantage of GoXLR’s features and create an immersive and unique streaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I control Spotify volume on GoXLR?

You can control the Spotify volume via the GoXLR app. Go to the “Music” or “System” section and adjust the slider to increase or decrease the volume.

Can I add other music apps to GoXLR?

Yes, GoXLR supports various other music apps apart from Spotify. You can follow the same steps to add these apps to your GoXLR.

What to do if Spotify music isn’t playing through GoXLR?

Make sure Spotify is configured to play through the correct output in your system’s sound settings. If the issue persists, consider reinstalling both Spotify and GoXLR applications.

How do I manage Spotify music during a live stream?

With GoXLR, you can easily manage Spotify music during a live stream. You can change songs, adjust volume, and control other settings directly from the GoXLR app.

Can I create custom Spotify playlists for different streams?

Absolutely! You can create custom playlists on Spotify for different streams to set the mood and make your streams more engaging.