Is the GoXLR a Sound Card?

As an audiophile or streamer, you’ve probably heard of GoXLR. But, what exactly is it? Is the GoXLR a sound card? This article will clarify your doubts and give you an in-depth understanding of GoXLR, its functions, and whether it doubles as a sound card. Let’s dive right into the world of sound and technology.

What is GoXLR?

GoXLR is a piece of audio equipment developed by TC Helicon and designed primarily for live streamers and broadcasters. It acts as an all-in-one audio interface with a mixer, sampler, and voice FX functionalities. But the burning question is: is it also a sound card? Let’s find out.

Understanding Sound Cards

Before we make the verdict, we should first comprehend what a sound card is. So, what is a sound card? In layman’s terms, a sound card is a hardware component in your PC that processes audio data with the help of software applications. It’s responsible for what you hear through your speakers or headphones.

GoXLR and Sound Card Functionality

Now, back to the GoXLR. This gadget offers full sound control to its users, allowing them to manage audio settings such as volume, EQ, and even special effects in real-time. Sound familiar? Yes, it does sound like the features provided by a sound card.

Is GoXLR a Sound Card?

In terms of functionality, GoXLR does indeed operate like a sound card. It takes the audio data, processes it, and then outputs it to your speakers or headphones. It also allows for real-time adjustments, which is characteristic of a sound card.

Advantages of GoXLR as a Sound Card

If we’re considering the GoXLR as a sound card, it certainly has its advantages. It combines multiple audio devices into one, reducing clutter. Plus, it offers unparalleled control over audio settings, leading to superior sound quality and a personalized audio experience.

Using GoXLR with an Existing Sound Card

But what if you already have a sound card? Can you still use GoXLR? Absolutely. The GoXLR can work alongside an existing sound card. It can take over some tasks, such as real-time audio adjustments, while the sound card handles other duties.

GoXLR vs. Traditional Sound Cards

The primary distinction between GoXLR and traditional sound cards lies in the target audience and functionality. Traditional sound cards are more general-purpose, while GoXLR is targeted at broadcasters and streamers who need advanced audio control.


So, is the GoXLR a sound card? In terms of functionality, yes, it can be considered a sound card, albeit a highly specialized one. It offers extensive control over audio settings, perfect for streamers and broadcasters who need real-time sound adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GoXLR a sound card?

Technically, GoXLR can be considered a sound card because of its ability to process and output audio data.

Can I use GoXLR with an existing sound card?

Yes, GoXLR can work in conjunction with an existing sound card in your computer.

Who is GoXLR designed for?

GoXLR is primarily designed for live streamers and broadcasters.

What advantages does GoXLR offer over traditional sound cards?

GoXLR provides advanced control over audio settings and combines multiple audio devices into one, reducing clutter.

Can GoXLR improve the audio quality of my stream?

Yes, GoXLR offers real-time audio adjustments, which can improve the sound quality of your live streams.