Can You Use a GoXLR as an Amp?

Music enthusiasts and content creators know how important it is to have the best audio possible. When it comes to achieving superior sound quality, GoXLR often comes up in discussions. However, one question remains: can you use a GoXLR as an amp? Let’s dive in to find out!

Understanding GoXLR: What Is It?

GoXLR is a comprehensive audio interface tailored towards live streamers and podcasters. It offers a variety of audio controls and features, like real-time voice FX and sampler. GoXLR allows users to control and customize their sound and seamlessly integrates with most broadcast software.

The Basics of an Amplifier

Before we delve into the core topic, let’s understand what an amplifier is. An amplifier is a device that magnifies an audio signal’s power, enhancing its volume and quality. It essentially takes a weak audio signal and transforms it into a strong one.

So, Is GoXLR an Amp?

Strictly speaking, GoXLR is not an amp. However, it does have some features similar to an amp. It provides phantom power to a connected microphone, thus acting as a preamplifier. But can it boost your headphone’s audio like an amp would?

GoXLR and Headphone Amplification

Headphone users might find GoXLR’s amplification somewhat lacking. While GoXLR can increase the volume of your headphones, its capabilities might not match a dedicated headphone amplifier. So, while you can utilize the GoXLR for some headphone amplification, if you’re seeking serious audio enhancement, you might want to consider a dedicated amp.

The Benefits of GoXLR

Even if it doesn’t act as a traditional amplifier, GoXLR still offers many advantages. It’s a mixer, sampler, and voice modulator, providing streamers with the tools they need to deliver professional-level broadcasts. With its real-time controls, streamers can adjust their audio on-the-fly without disrupting their content flow.

GoXLR’s Shortcomings

The GoXLR isn’t perfect. Its amplification capabilities may not suffice for audio aficionados who require the extra power of a dedicated amp. For those seeking the absolute best audio experience, investing in a separate amplifier might be the way to go.

Complementing GoXLR with an Amp

If you love the features of GoXLR but need more amplification, there’s a solution. You can use a standalone amplifier alongside GoXLR. This setup would allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds: the control and customization of GoXLR and the audio boost of a dedicated amp.

Making the Right Choice

Choosing between GoXLR and an amp largely depends on your needs. If you are a content creator seeking an all-in-one solution, GoXLR is a great choice. If you are an audio enthusiast chasing the ultimate sound experience, then an amplifier might be necessary.


While GoXLR isn’t a traditional amplifier, it does offer some amplification features. If you’re seeking advanced amplification, especially for high-impedance headphones, a dedicated amp would be a better choice. However, GoXLR remains a versatile tool that streamers and podcasters will find valuable.


Can GoXLR replace a traditional amplifier?

No, GoXLR cannot fully replace a traditional amplifier. While it does offer some amplification features, it might not deliver the power high-impedance headphones require.

What is the primary function of GoXLR?

GoXLR is primarily an audio interface designed for streamers and podcasters. It provides a wide range of audio controls and real-time effects.

Can I use GoXLR and an amplifier simultaneously?

Yes, you can use GoXLR alongside an amplifier for a more powerful audio experience while maintaining control over your sound.

Is GoXLR suitable for musicians?

GoXLR can be a useful tool for musicians, especially those involved in live streaming or podcasting. However, for studio recording, traditional amplifiers and interfaces might be preferred.

Do I need an amplifier if I have GoXLR?

Whether you need an additional amplifier depends on your specific needs. If you’re content with GoXLR’s audio output and control, you may not need an extra amp. However, for those seeking a more robust audio experience, an amp could be a worthwhile investment.