Does GoXLR Have Noise Cancellation?

GoXLR, a brand synonymous with high-quality streaming audio, is known for delivering excellent sound quality. But a question often pops up among users and potential buyers – does GoXLR have noise cancellation? Let’s delve into this topic and find out more!

GoXLR is an all-in-one audio interface created by TC Helicon, designed specifically for live streamers and content creators. It combines multiple devices—mixer, sampler, voice processor, and more—into one compact, user-friendly gadget. But, does it offer noise cancellation? Stick around as we unravel the truth!

What is Noise Cancellation?

Before we jump straight into the crux, it’s essential to comprehend what noise cancellation is. Simply put, noise cancellation technology minimizes unwanted ambient sound, resulting in a cleaner, crisper audio output. This feature can be a game-changer for streamers or podcasters, who value pristine sound quality.

Does GoXLR Have Noise Cancellation?

GoXLR, in its core functionality, does not come with built-in noise cancellation technology. It’s primarily an audio interface and mixer, which handles sound input and output, but it does not actively cancel out ambient noise. This might seem like a letdown, but there’s more to it.

Although GoXLR doesn’t have built-in noise cancellation, it offers tools to manage and reduce noise effectively. For instance, its gate and compressor features can be utilized to lower the background noise significantly, delivering a more professional and clear sound.

The Gate Feature

The gate feature on GoXLR acts like an audio bouncer. It only let’s sound above a certain volume (the ‘threshold’) through. Thus, it prevents softer sounds (like background noise) from being picked up. It’s a helpful tool, but remember, it’s not the same as noise cancellation.

The Compressor Feature

The compressor feature reduces the dynamic range of audio signals, making loud sounds softer and soft sounds louder. By using it alongside the gate feature, you can effectively manage the noise in your audio output.

Enhancing GoXLR’s Noise Management with External Solutions

If the built-in features are not enough, you can complement your GoXLR setup with external noise-cancellation solutions, such as noise-cancelling microphones or software.

Noise-Cancelling Microphones

Noise-cancelling microphones are designed to minimize background noise picked up during recording. When used in conjunction with GoXLR, they can significantly reduce unwanted noise.

Noise Cancellation Software

There are many software solutions that offer real-time noise cancellation. Apps like Krisp and NVIDIA’s RTX Voice can work alongside your GoXLR for a virtually noise-free experience.


So, does GoXLR have noise cancellation? Not directly. However, GoXLR provides users with an array of tools to manage and reduce background noise effectively, ensuring clear, high-quality audio. Coupled with external solutions, GoXLR can offer an experience close to active noise cancellation, satisfying even the most demanding audio needs.

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Does GoXLR have built-in noise cancellation?

No, GoXLR does not have built-in noise cancellation. However, it offers features like a noise gate and compressor to manage noise.

Can I use a noise-cancelling microphone with GoXLR?

Yes, you can use a noise-cancelling microphone with GoXLR to reduce background noise.

Can I use noise-cancellation software with GoXLR?

Yes, software solutions like Krisp or NVIDIA’s RTX Voice can be used alongside GoXLR.

What does the gate feature in GoXLR do?

The gate feature in GoXLR allows only sounds above a certain volume through, which helps in reducing background noise.

What does the compressor feature in GoXLR do?

The compressor feature in GoXLR reduces the dynamic range of the audio, making loud sounds softer and soft sounds louder, aiding in managing noise.