What Does KKona Mean?

Malding Twitch Emote, What does it mean?

KKona is an emote found on Twitch which is most commonly used as for “American” or “Redneck”. It is commonly used when someone does something which is stereotypically American. It is often spammed in chat when a streamer does something that appears to be overly dramatic or over-the-top.

KKona Emote

KKona Emote Origin

The KKona Emote was created by Twitch streamer, Konas “Kona” Korner, In 2018 Kona revealed for the first time the origin of this legendary Emote, it was created from a photo of when Kona met actress Danielle Spencer at the Wizard World Anaheim Comic Con in 2010.

View the clip of Konas revealing the source here.

How to use the KKona Emote

The Kkona Emote is available for use by subscribers of Kona’s Twitch channel, alternatively, it can be used and viewed for free if you have Better Twitch TV (BTTV) browser extension installed.

Note – When using the Emote via BTTV, Anyone in chat who doesn’t have the BTTV browser extension installed will instead just see “KKona” in the chat instead of the Emote.

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