What Does Malding Mean?

Malding Twitch Meme

Malding is a commonly used word on Twitch chat, however, some people may not be aware of what it means, so what does Malding mean?

“Malding” is a combination of the two words “mad” and “balding”, therefore, it literally describes a person who is mad and balding. The term is used to make fun of another person who is showing anger or frustration towards a game, however, is generally used in a friendly manner.

Origin of Malding on Twitch

“Malding” was popularised by the chat of popular Twitch streamer Forsen, originally, the chat would spam “So Bad, So Mad”, which over time turned into “So Bald, So Mad” and finally into “So Bald, So Mald”. Forsen then looked up the word “Mald” in the dictionary to get a definition and the “Malding” meme was well and truly born.

Although the term was only popularized on Twitch in 2019, the term was actually added to the urban dictionary in 2011.Check out some of the other meanings:

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