Is Shure SM7B Microphone Good For ASMR?


Are you considering the Shure SM7B for your ASMR recordings? Wondering if it’s a good fit? Look no further!

In this article, we’ll explore the key features of the SM7B and assess its suitability for ASMR. From sound quality to versatility and noise rejection, we’ll dive into every aspect.

Plus, we’ll include real user experiences from the ASMR community.

So, if you want to know if the Shure SM7B is the perfect ASMR mic for you, keep reading!

Shure SM7B: ASMR Mic Overview

If you’re looking for an ASMR microphone, the Shure SM7B is worth considering due to its exceptional sound quality and versatility.

This microphone is highly regarded in the ASMR community for its ability to capture the subtle sounds and whispers that are so crucial in creating a relaxing and immersive experience for listeners.

The SM7B features a dynamic cardioid design, which means it picks up sound from the front and rejects noise from the sides and rear. This makes it perfect for recording ASMR videos in a variety of environments, as it helps to minimize unwanted background noise.

Additionally, the SM7B has a wide frequency response range, allowing it to accurately capture both low and high-frequency sounds, making it ideal for capturing everything from soft whispers to gentle tapping sounds.

Sound Quality: Is It Ideal for ASMR

The sound quality of the Shure SM7B is ideal for ASMR, as it captures even the most delicate sounds with exceptional clarity and precision. This microphone is renowned for its ability to pick up subtle details, making it perfect for ASMR creators who rely on capturing whispering, tapping, and other gentle sounds.

The SM7B’s dynamic microphone element ensures excellent transient response, accurately reproducing the nuances of soft sounds without distortion. Its wide frequency response also allows for a rich and full-bodied audio capture, enhancing the overall ASMR experience.

Whether you’re whispering into the microphone or creating gentle sounds with objects, the Shure SM7B provides the high-quality sound reproduction needed for a truly immersive ASMR experience.

Versatility: Can It Handle Different ASMR Triggers

When using the Shure SM7B for ASMR, you’ll find that it handles a wide range of triggers with ease. Whether you’re whispering softly, tapping gently, or creating soothing sounds with objects, this microphone delivers exceptional performance.

The SM7B’s versatility stems from its impressive frequency response range, which captures both low and high frequencies accurately. This means that it can capture the subtle nuances of whispering and the crisp sounds of tapping, providing a rich and immersive ASMR experience.

Additionally, the SM7B’s adjustable proximity effect control allows you to fine-tune the microphone’s response to different triggers. This feature ensures that the microphone picks up just the right amount of bass when needed, enhancing the overall quality of your ASMR recordings.

Noise Rejection: Does It Eliminate Background Noise

To achieve a high-quality ASMR experience, the Shure SM7B excels in eliminating background noise, ensuring a clear and immersive recording. With its advanced noise rejection capabilities, this microphone effectively filters out unwanted sounds, allowing for a more focused and professional audio production.

Whether you’re recording in a noisy environment or dealing with ambient noise, the SM7B’s superior noise rejection technology helps maintain the purity of your ASMR content. Its robust design and internal shock mount also contribute to minimizing vibrations and handling noise, further enhancing the overall sound quality.

ASMR Community Feedback: Real User Experiences

Based on real user experiences within the ASMR community, you’ll find that the Shure SM7B is highly regarded for its effectiveness in enhancing the ASMR experience.

Many ASMR creators and listeners have praised the microphone for its exceptional sound quality and ability to capture even the subtlest sounds.

Users have reported that the SM7B delivers crisp and clear audio, allowing for an immersive ASMR experience. The microphone’s dynamic range ensures that soft whispers and delicate tapping sounds are captured accurately, while its excellent noise rejection helps eliminate unwanted background noise.

ASMR enthusiasts have found that the SM7B enhances the tingles and relaxation that ASMR videos aim to provide. Its versatility and reliability have made it a popular choice among ASMR artists, further cementing its reputation as a top-notch microphone for ASMR content creation.

Check out an ASMR YouTuber testing the Shure SM7B here:

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Shure SM7B Compare to Other Microphones Commonly Used for Asmr?

When comparing the Shure SM7B to other commonly used ASMR microphones, you’ll notice its exceptional sound quality and versatility.

Its smooth frequency response and built-in pop filter make it a popular choice among ASMR creators.

What Is the Price Range of the Shure SM7B and Is It Worth the Investment for ASMR Creators?

The Shure SM7B is a high-quality microphone that’s widely used by professionals in the ASMR community.

It offers excellent sound quality and is worth the investment for serious ASMR creators.

Can the Shure SM7B Be Used for Other Types of Audio Recording Besides Asmr?

Yes, the Shure SM7B can be used for other types of audio recording besides ASMR.

It’s a versatile microphone that delivers great sound quality, making it a popular choice among musicians, podcasters, and voiceover artists.

Does the Shure SM7B Require Any Additional Equipment or Accessories to Optimize Its Performance for Asmr?

To optimize the performance of the Shure SM7B for ASMR, you may need additional equipment or accessories.

Consider using a microphone preamp or a cloud lifter to enhance the audio quality.

Are There Any Notable Downsides or Limitations to Using the Shure SM7B for ASMR Purposes?

There are a few downsides to using the Shure SM7B for ASMR.

It might require a preamp to boost the signal.

Its cardioid polar pattern might limit the ability to capture surrounding sounds.


Overall, the Shure SM7B is a highly recommended microphone for ASMR purposes. Its exceptional sound quality captures the delicate whispers and subtle sounds that ASMR enthusiasts seek.

With its versatile features and ability to handle various ASMR triggers, it caters to a wide range of content creators. Additionally, its excellent noise rejection ensures a clean recording free from background distractions.

The positive feedback from the ASMR community further solidifies its reputation as a top choice for ASMR enthusiasts.