How to Donate on Twitch – Subs, Bits & Donations

Learn how to support your favorite Twitch streamer, whether it be via Paypal, subscriptions, or even simply interacting with the community!
How to donate on Twitch

Over the years, streaming has become incredibly popular. Viral content creators and stars have risen from the platform Twitch, creating a whole new entertainment experience. These stars have inspired countless people worldwide to stream, whether it be video games, making music, or just hanging out in a hot tub. 

There are a few ways to donate to your favorite content creator on Twitch. Twitch’s main way of donation is via Twitch Bits. This is the official donation system and is only available for Twitch affiliates or partners. To enable Bits, go to Dashboard > Partner Settings > Bits ; Cheering. Viewers can send streamers bits by typing in the chat ‘cheer’ and the number of bits they want to use. 

The easiest way of donating is via Paypal. A streamer can give their Paypal email to viewers so they can contribute. Head over to a streamer’s Twitch page to donate subs. Then click on the subscription button. A prompt will pop up, asking you if you want to gift Subs to a specific viewer. 

Subscribing to a Twitch Streamer

Subscribing to a streamer is one of the easiest and direct methods of supporting them. In exchange for subscribing to them, you can use their channel emotes, watch ad-free, and even participate in exclusive content. 

Subscribing to a streamer is incredibly easy! First, navigate to their page. Then, simply click the ‘subscribe’ button, which is located at the top right of the video player. To subscribe to a streamer, the Twitch channel must have reached the status of Twitch Affiliate or Twitch Partner. 

Choosing a Subscription Tier 

When you subscribe to a Twitch channel, there are three different subscription tiers that you can choose. These tiers range from $4.99- $24.99. The tiers will pop up after you click subscribe. 

Once you have chosen your desire tier, simply pay with a card or Paypal. Your subscription will begin as soon as the payment is processed. 

Free Twitch Subscriptions 

There are a few ways of getting a free Twitch subscription. First, if you have an Amazon Prime account, you can link your Twitch account to it. This will activate Prime Gaming. Prime Gaming allows you to subscribe to one Twitch channel per month for no extra charge. 

Another way of getting a free Twitch subscription relies on the kindness of others. Another loyal fan can purchase and gift you a subscription! Doing this is called sub gifting. 

Donate Gift Subs 

If you are already subscribed to a Twitch channel, you have the ability to gift subs to other followers of the channel. To do this, simply click the “Gift a Sub” button. This button replaces the subscribe button after you subscribe to a Twitch channel. 

A pop-up will appear once the button is clicked. Here, you can choose how many subs you want to gift to the community. The price is also included. There are preset choices for you to choose from, ranging from 1 to 100 subs to gift. Alternatively, you can simply input any number of subs you wish to give. 

If you want, you can specifically choose a viewer to who you wish to gift subs. Simply search their name when you are gifting the sub. You will see the prompt pop up. Additionally, you can even donate multiple months of a tier 1 subscription to specific viewers. Look for the gift button under the tier 1 subscription model. 

Cheer With Bits

Cheering with Bits is another way you can support a Twitch streamer. You can donate these Bits to your favorite Streamer. Each Twitch Bit is worth one United States penny. 

Commonly, people will send bits in the 100’s. People do this because 100 Bits equals one U.S. dollar. Donating with Bits is called cheering. If you want free Bits, you can watch ads on Twitch or fill out surveys. 

Cost of Bits 

We keep an updated calculator for Bits to USD conversion here

  • 100 Bits cost $1.40 USD
  • 500 Bits cost $7.00 USD
  • 1,500 Bits cost $19.95 USD
  • 5,000 Bits cost $64.40 USD
  • 10,000 Bits cost $126.00 USD
  • 25,000 Bits cost $308.00 USD

How to Gift Bits 

In order to gift Twitch Bits, follow these simple steps. First, click the Bits icon in the chatbox. The cheermote menu should open. This is where you can select which cheermote you wish to attach to your cheer (donation of Bits). 

The second step is to choose the number of Bits you wish to cheer. This can be achieved by either choosing one of the default options from the menu or by editing the chat message and changing the number of Bits donated. 

The third and final step is to send the message. Ensure you have correctly selected the number of Bits you wish to send!

Donating Twitch Bits on your Cellphone 

Donating Twitch Bits via your mobile phone is just as easy as the above method. Simply look for the Twitch Bits icon in the chatbox. This is located in the bottom right of the screen. 

Select the cheermote you wish to use for your donation. Then, select the number of Bits you want to donate. Once you are satisfied with your message and number of donated Bits, simply hit send. 

Direct Donation to a Streamer 

When you donate directly to a Twitch Streamer, they gain 100% of the proceeds. In order to directly contribute to a Twitch streamer, the streamer in question must have set up a third-party option to donate. Third-party options include Paypal. 

First, find the donation link of the streamer. To do this, visit the Twitch profile. Scroll down until you see their donation panel. Click the link there, and choose how you wish to donate. 

You can also use Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum to donate to your favorite Twitch streamer. The ability to accept these virtual currencies relies solely on the content creator. Look at their Twitch profile’s donation section. If they do accept cryptocurrencies, the crypto wallet address or another way of donating should be there. 

Affiliate Links 

Many Twitch streamers also set up affiliate links. While affiliates vary depending on the streamer, they usually are related to the streamer’s content, equipment, or even the drinks they consume. 

If you purchase something through an affiliate link, there is usually a 10-15% discount. Additionally, the streamer will also receive money from the affiliate. This is a good idea if you want to upgrade your computer equipment or even just want an item that a streamer happens to be affiliated with. 

Buying Merchandise 

Many Twitch streamers have set up their own brands and merchandise shops. Purchasing merchandise from streamers is another excellent way of supporting them directly. Finding these shops varies, but checking out the Twitch Streamer’s profile will usually give you a link. 

The merchandise in these shops will also vary. Twitch streamers usually have a variety of merchandise, from sweatshirts, mugs, and hats to pants. While purchasing merchandise directly helps the streamer, they may also show these sales to potential sponsors, netting them another sweet deal. 

How to Help a Streamer Without Donating

If you are financially unable to help a streamer, don’t worry! There are still other ways you can help them out. The first thing you can do is join their discord channel (if they have one). Being active in the community and supporting your favorite streamer is an excellent way of helping them. When you find a streamer you like, tell your friends! Spreading the word will help the streamer gain viewers. 

Another way you can help a Twitch streamer is by engaging with their chat. Say hello to new members, interact with the other viewers, and even interact with the streamer by saying hi. Creating a welcoming and friendly community is paramount to a streamer’s success. 

If you are a creative person, reach out to the streamer. Maybe they need help creating a new logo. Even better, ask them if you can be a moderator. While being a moderator is hard work, your favorite streamer will appreciate all you do. 


There are a ton of different ways you can support your favorite Twitch streamer! Support them by paying for a subscription to their channel, sending them Twitch Bits, or even donating directly to them via Paypal or other third-party sites. 

If you don’t want to do any of those, you can purchase items from an affiliate or gift subs to the community. And if none of those are options you want to do, remember, there are still free ways of supporting your favorite streamer! 

You can support your favorite content creator for free by becoming a moderator, spreading happiness throughout the community, or even telling your friends about them! Just remember to ensure the streamer’s community is a fun, safe place! At the end of the day, you all get together to have a good time. Now that you know how to support your favorite Twitch Streamer get on out there and help out!


How can I donate to my favourite streamer on Twitch?

There are several ways to donate on Twitch, including using Twitch Bits, subscribing to their channel, gifting subs, making direct donations via third-party options like PayPal, using cryptocurrency donations if the streamer accepts them, or purchasing merchandise or items through their affiliate links.

What are Twitch Bits, and how do they work?

Twitch Bits are a virtual currency on Twitch that viewers can purchase and use to support their favorite streamers. Each Twitch Bit is worth one United States penny. Viewers can send Bits in chat as “cheers” to the streamer by typing “cheer” followed by the number of Bits they want to use.

How much do Twitch Bits cost?

The cost of Twitch Bits varies depending on the quantity purchased. The pricing for Bits is as follows:

  • 100 Bits cost $1.40 USD
  • 500 Bits cost $7.00 USD
  • 1,500 Bits cost $19.95 USD
  • 5,000 Bits cost $64.40 USD
  • 10,000 Bits cost $126.00 USD
  • 25,000 Bits cost $308.00 USD

Can I gift subscriptions to other viewers on Twitch?

Yes, if you are already subscribed to a Twitch channel, you have the option to gift subs to other followers of the channel. Simply click the “Gift a Sub” button, choose the number of subs you want to gift, and select the recipient(s). You can choose from preset options or input a specific number of subs to gift.

How much does it cost to gift 1000 subs on Twitch?

The cost of gifting subs on Twitch depends on the subscription tier chosen by the gifter. Assuming all 1000 gifted subs are Tier 1 subscriptions (priced at $4.99 per month), the total cost would be $4,990. However, please note that pricing may have changed, and it’s always best to check the current pricing on the Twitch website.

Are there free ways to support Twitch streamers?

Yes, there are free ways to support Twitch streamers. You can join their Discord channels, be active in their community, spread the word about them to your friends, engage with their chat during streams, and offer assistance as a moderator if they need help with tasks like creating logos or moderating the chat.

Can I donate to Twitch streamers using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Some Twitch streamers accept donations in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. If a streamer accepts these virtual currencies, their Twitch profile’s donation section should provide information on how to donate using crypto wallets or other means.

How can I purchase merchandise from Twitch streamers?

Many Twitch streamers have their own brands and merchandise shops. You can usually find links to their merchandise shops on their Twitch profile. The variety of merchandise available can range from sweatshirts, mugs, and hats to pants. Purchasing merchandise directly helps support the streamer, and it may also contribute to their potential sponsorship opportunities.