How to change your Twitch username

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There are many reasons why you might want to change your name on Twitch, for example. You might want to rebrand your entire channel and start afresh with a new username, thankfully, this can easily be done in the Twitch settings.

You can change your Twitch name by updating the username field in the settings on page Twitch, simply click the edit button next to the username, fill in the field with your desired username and click update. Be careful as Twitch only allows you to change your username once every 60 days so you cannot revert back once you have changed the username, if you need more help, see the step by step instructions below.

How to change your username on Twitch

If you want to change your username on Twitch it can be very done very easily, however, you can only change your username once every 60 days. New accounts are not able to change username for 60 days after account creation. Use the following steps to see how to change your Twitch name.

CAUTION. Changes are permanent and you can’t revert back to your old username once you have made the change, your old username will also be “parked” for 6 months, so you won’t be able to use it on another Twitch account.

1. Navigate to Twitch.TV and log in to your account

2. Open the menu by clicking on your profile at the top right and click settings.

3. If you are eligible to change your username, a pencil icon appears next to your username field, click it to the popup for changing usernames.

4. Enter your desired username in the box, you either get a little green tick or red cross indicating if the username is available.

5. Click Update to change your username.

If your unsure what you should change your Twitch username to, check out our Twitch Name Generator for some ideas!

What to do before changing your Twitch Username

There are some things to think about before changing your Twitch username, as you cant change it again for another 60 days, its best to make sure you change it to the right username.

Some things to consider before changing your username;

  1. Will changing your username create confusion with your brand and audience?
    If you already have a known brand, then changing your username could create confusion with your audience and could affect your channel.
  2. Is the username available on other socials?
    If you’re changing your Twitch username, it would be wise to first check if the username is also available on the social media sites you could be using to promote your channel. is an excellent site for checking username availability.
  3. Is the username easy and simple to say?
    Having a username that is difficult to read can make it more difficult to attract new viewers.
  4. Is the username confined to one game/genre?
    Having a username for example. “BestShooter69” would indicate that you will be playing First-person shooters, however, you might want to change genres in the future and the username would no longer work as well.

Why should you change your Twitch username?

There are some situations where it would be beneficial to change your Twitch username;

  • Your username is hard to pronounce.
    If you have a username which is difficult to pronounce and viewers often pronounce is wrong, it could be useful to change your username to something easier.
  • You have numbers, letters or characters in your username.
    If you had to included random numbers, letters or characters in your username when your created it, it could be very beneficial to change your username to remove those them if its available.
  • Your name is similar to another streamers.
    If your username is very similar to another streamers, it would make sense to change it to avoid confusion.
  • Your Twitch name doesnt match your brand.
    If you already have a known brand, it would be benefical to change your Twitch username to be the same as you brand.

How long does it take to change Twitch name?

The username update happens immediately after you click on the update confirmation button, your username will change how everyone sees your account. You might be harder to find by regular viewers who havn’t followed or subscribed.


I hope this has helped you learn how to change your Twitch username and what to consider beforehand, however, if you have any questions let me know in the comments below and ill help out as much as i can.