Guide to Channel Points on Twitch

What are Channel Points on Twitch?

Channel Points is a customizable points program that lets streamers reward members of their community with perks, including a taste of benefits typically reserved for subscribers. It’s available to all partners and affiliates.

Channel Points comes with built-in, automated rewards that streamers can customize. Streamers can also create custom rewards that they fulfill on their own, such as “choose the next channel I host”, “set my background music”, or “make me dance on stream”.

For viewers, Channel Points are a way to be recognized for all the ways they’re already supporting the community. They can earn points by following the streamer, subscribing to their channel, participating in chat, and more.

How to enable Channel points on Twitch?

To start using Channel Points on Twitch, first, become a partner or affiliate. Then visit the Channel Points page in the creator dashboard and follow the instructions to get started.

How can viewers earn channel points?

There are many ways viewers can earn channel points on Twitch, simply watching a stream gives you channel points, also, you can earn channel points by following a channel, subscribing to a channel, watching ads, and participating in the chat.

What rewards can I get with Channel Points?

Channel Points rewards vary depending on the streamer. Some common rewards include exclusive emotes, badges, and chat privileges. Streamers can also offer custom rewards that viewers can redeem for unique experiences, such as hosting the streamer for a day, choosing the music played in the stream, or even making them dance on stream!

How do I spend my Channel Points?

If you’re a partner or affiliate, you can use your Channel Points to unlock additional benefits on Twitch, such as subscriber-only emotes, badges, and chat privileges. If you’re a viewer, you can spend your points on rewards from your favorite streamers. Just look for the Channel Points tab on their page to see what’s available.

Can I give my Channel Points to someone else?

Yes! You can use your Channel Points to gift exclusive emotes, badges, and chat privileges to friends or family. Just visit the Manage Rewards page in your dashboard and follow the instructions.

Is there a limit to how many Channel Points I can earn?

No! There’s no limit to how many Channel Points you can earn.

Ideas for Channel Points custom rewards

Some good ideas for rewards your viewers can claim with channel points include:

  • Choose the next channel to raid or host.
  • Choose the next song.
  • Get a exclusive custom badge.
  • Access to an exclusive discord channel.
  • Get an exclusive custom emote.
  • Can join the streamer in multiplayer.

Guide to Channel Points on Twitch: Conclusion

Channel Points is a great way for streamers to reward their viewers for all the ways they are supporting the community. There are many different rewards available, so viewers can find something that fits their interests. Channel Points is also a great way for streamers to connect with their viewers on a deeper level and create a more personal connection. Thanks for reading!

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