How To Update OBS [2023]

When you are on a previous version of OBS studio, you may not have the access you need to other OBS plugins. Checking frequently for available updates will allow you to get the most out of the system so that you can focus on creating better content for your audience.

Here is how you can update OBS studio to the latest version:

How to Update OBS

Step 1: Check for updates within OBS

Navigate to the Help tab on the bar at the top of the screen and click on “Check For Updates.” This feature checks for any new updates to OBS. Given the frequency of updates, it’s good practice to do this check weekly, ideally when you’re not about to stream or record.

There are other ways you can check for updates. You can visit the OBS Studio website and compare the version number on the website’s front page to the one in OBS, found in the top left corner of the window. This way, you’ll be able to confirm if you’re using a previous version of OBS Studio.

Alternatively, if you’d rather not remember to manually check for updates, you can automate the process. Enable the “Automatically check for updates on startup” option in your OBS settings under the general tab. With this option, every time you open OBS, it will notify you if there is an update available.

Step 2: Decide if you want to update

When a new update is available, a pop-up window will display the new version number and a list of changes that the update brings. You can choose to update immediately by clicking the “Update Now” button or postpone the update by clicking “Cancel.”

In case the in-app button doesn’t work, or if you want a fresh installation, download the latest installer for your operating system from the OBS website here: After downloading, follow the same steps you used during the first OBS installation. This process overwrites the old version and updates your OBS.

Step 3: Allow OBS to make changes

After selecting “Update Now,” your operating system may ask for permission to allow OBS to make changes to your computer. Granting these permissions initiates the update process, and OBS will perform a final check for the update and then implement the necessary changes.

Step 4: Test the updated OBS

Once the update is complete, launch OBS to ensure that the update was successful. Double-check that everything works as expected and resume your normal use of the software.

Bear in mind that if you have any plugins installed for OBS, these will need separate updates after you update OBS. They might not function correctly if left outdated. If you’re using plugins heavily, consider waiting until the creators have released a compatible version before proceeding with the new OBS update.

When to Update OBS

While it’s not mandatory to update OBS as soon as an update is available, staying updated offers several benefits. Each update usually comes with a list of hotfixes, new features, and optimizations. These updates might resolve issues you’ve been experiencing, offer new ways to use OBS, or even make the program less demanding on your PC while recording or streaming. Hence, despite the option to postpone or skip an update, it’s usually advantageous to stay current.


Regularly updating your OBS software ensures a smoother, more efficient streaming experience with fewer technical issues. It’s essential to be aware of how to check your OBS version and how to update it, whether manually or automatically.

Frequently asked questions

How do I update my OBS?

You can update OBS by navigating to the official OBS website and downloading the latest version. Ensure to back up your settings before updating.

Does OBS automatically update?

Yes, by default, OBS is set to automatically update. You can check or modify this setting in the software.

How do I know if OBS has an update?

You can check if OBS has an update by clicking on the “Help” menu in OBS Studio and selecting “Check For Updates”.

How do I update OBS on my Macbook?

You can update OBS on your Macbook by visiting the OBS Project website and downloading the latest version for macOS.

How to update OBS plugins?

Updating OBS plugins often requires you to visit the plugin’s website or GitHub page, download the latest version, and install it into your OBS plugins folder.