How to Stream Beat Saber on Discord

Understanding Discord Streaming

Discord is a fantastic platform that transcends the traditional boundaries of chatting. It has become a popular hub for gamers to share their gameplay, live, with friends, or even a larger audience.

Streaming on Discord: The Basics

When you think of streaming on Discord, you might picture traditional 2D games, but you can also stream VR games, like Beat Saber. Throughout this article, we’ll focus on the specifics of VR game streaming, particularly Beat Saber, on Discord.

The process of streaming a game on Discord involves selecting the game application in Discord and then sharing your screen or window. But for VR games, some additional steps and settings are needed to ensure a smooth and immersive stream.

Discord Streaming Guide: An Overview

How different can it be to stream VR games on Discord compared to regular games? Well, while the basic steps remain the same, VR streaming involves certain aspects that need your attention, such as game audio, game visuals, and VR headset compatibility.

Beat Saber: The Virtual Reality Phenomenon

Beat Saber is a rhythm game that immerses players into a musical journey where they slice beats that match the music’s rhythm and direction. It becomes even more exciting when you share this experience with friends, which is why Beat Saber live streams are gaining traction.

Beat Saber Gameplay

In Beat Saber, the player uses two handheld motion controllers as light sabers, one red and one blue, to slash through corresponding red and blue blocks to the beat of the music. There are also obstacles that the player must dodge, making it a dynamic and engaging game that’s perfect for a live stream.

The Allure of Beat Saber VR

The combination of music, rhythm, and movement makes Beat Saber a unique game in the VR landscape. When you stream it, your audience doesn’t just watch you play; they feel the rhythm and the movement, adding a layer of shared experience to your stream.

How to Stream VR Games on Discord

Once you understand the basics, streaming VR games on Discord becomes pretty straightforward.

Share Screen on Discord

The first step to streaming your Beat Saber game on Discord is sharing your screen. After launching Beat Saber on your VR device, open Discord on your PC, join a voice channel, and click the ‘Screen’ button. Choose the window that is displaying the VR view of Beat Saber. Remember, the audio of the game won’t be shared by default; you’ll need to adjust your settings to include it in your stream.

Setting up Beat Saber Stream on Discord

To set up your Beat Saber stream on Discord, you’ll need to have both Discord and the game open simultaneously. Ensure that your game audio is being captured, as the default settings on many systems don’t include game audio in screen shares. You might need to download a virtual audio cable or similar software to resolve this issue.

Perfecting Your Beat Saber Live Stream

A perfect Beat Saber live stream is not just about the technical setup. It’s also about understanding the game, connecting with your audience, and making sure they have a good time.

Beat Saber Tips and Tricks

To make your live stream more engaging, consider explaining your strategies and why you’re making certain moves. Share tips and tricks you’ve discovered, and narrate your gameplay in a way that makes it more than just watching someone play—it becomes an interactive experience.

Making the Most of Your Beat Saber Stream Setup

Make sure your streaming setup is visually appealing. This can include ensuring that the game’s video and audio quality is excellent, your Discord server is set up to handle the stream’s bandwidth, and you’ve set the right permissions for viewers.


Streaming Beat Saber on Discord provides a perfect platform to share your virtual reality gaming experiences. By understanding the basics of streaming on Discord, knowing the ins and outs of Beat Saber gameplay, and following our guide on setting up your stream, you’re all set for an immersive and engaging streaming experience.


Can I stream my VR on Discord?

Yes, you absolutely can. Discord provides the functionality to stream your screen, including VR games like Beat Saber. You will have to share your VR game screen through Discord while the game is running on your PC.

How do you stream Beat Saber with audio on Discord?

Streaming Beat Saber with audio on Discord might require some extra steps, as the game audio is not shared by default. You may need to install a virtual audio cable or similar software to ensure that your game’s sound is captured in your stream.

How do I stream Beat Saber?

Streaming Beat Saber involves running the game on your PC, sharing your screen on a Discord voice channel, and ensuring the game audio is captured. Remember to set your stream’s settings to make the experience enjoyable for your viewers.

How can I stream a game on Discord?

You can stream a game on Discord by joining a voice channel, clicking the ‘Screen’ button, and selecting the game application window. Make sure your game’s audio is being captured for a complete streaming experience.

How to resolve the black screen issue when streaming Beat Saber on Discord?

If you encounter a black screen while streaming Beat Saber on Discord, check if the game is running in full-screen mode. Discord can have trouble capturing full-screen applications. Running the game in windowed mode or using game capture instead of screen capture can resolve this issue.