Nightbot Commands

Best Nightbot Commands for Twitch (2022)

Twitch commands are a great way to make your stream more interactive and fun for the viewers. The Nightbot chatbot allows you to add custom commands for your live stream. We have put together this list of the best Nightbot commands in 2022. Although you may not decide to use the exact commands listed, it should give you some good ideas for good custom commands for your own Twitch channel.

If you want to learn how to setup Nightbot Custom Commands see this page:

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Best Nightbot Commands:

  1. !uptime
    Display the uptime of the stream.
  2. !songrequest
    Allow your viewers to request songs to be played on the stream.
  3. !8ball
    Ask Nightbot a question and it will give you a random answer.
  4. !leaderboard
    Show the leaderboard of the chat.
  5. !streamlabs
    Link your Streamlabs account to Nightbot.
  6. !tip
    Send a tip to the streamer.
  7. !giveaway
    Start a giveaway on the stream.
  8. !poll
    Create a poll for the chat to vote on.
  9. !quote
    Get a quote from Nightbot.
  10. !joke
    Tell a joke from Nightbot’s extensive joke database.
  11. !roulette
    Play a game of roulette with Nightbot.
  12. !slots
    Play a game of slots with Nightbot.
  13. !scramble
    Scramble up a word or phrase for the chat to unscramble.
  14. !song
    get information about the currently playing song on the stream.
  15. !lyrics
    Get the lyrics of the currently playing song on the stream.
  16. !urban
    Look up a definition from Urban Dictionary.
  17. !advice
    Get some advice from Nightbot.
  18. !compliment
    Give a compliment to another user in the chat.
  19. !insult
    Insult another user in the chat.
  20. !weather
    Get the current weather conditions for a location.
  21. !wiki
    Lookup a Wikipedia article.
  22. !youtube
    Search for a YouTube video.
  23. !define
    Look up the definition of a word.
  24. !google
    Search Google for something.
  25. !gif
    Search for a GIF on Giphy.
  26. !maze
    Generate a maze for the chat to solve.
  27. !hangman
    Play a game of hangman with Nightbot.
  28. !guess
    Guess a number between 1 and 100.
  29. !rps
    Play rock, paper, scissors with Nightbot.
  30. !decide
    Get Nightbot to make a decision for you.
  31. !roll
    Roll a dice.
  32. !flipcoin
    Flip a coin.
  33. !catfact
    Get a random cat fact.
  34. !dogfact
    Get a random dog fact.
  35. !birdfact
    Get a random bird fact.
  36. !randomfact
    Get a random fact.
  37. !trivia
    Start a trivia game.
  38. !moviequote
    Get a random movie quote.
  39. !gamble
    Gamble some points for a chance to win more.

This Nightbot command list is a great way to start adding more functionality and fun to your Twitch chat. Using popular Nightbot commands like these gives viewers more of a reason to chat and can make the live stream more interactive, even if you don’t use these exact commands, hopefully, it’s given you some inspiration for good commands to use on your stream.

If you know of any other cool Nightbot commands for Twitch, comment below and we can add them to this list.