Can You Smoke on Twitch?

As a social media platform that’s rapidly growing in popularity, Twitch attracts millions of users worldwide who are eager to broadcast and view live-streaming content. From watching exciting video game battles to participating in dynamic chat rooms, Twitch offers a plethora of entertainment. However, the question of what is acceptable behaviour on Twitch is of paramount importance. One query that comes up often is, “Can You Smoke on Twitch?”

Twitch’s Stance on Smoking

Twitch’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines dictate what’s permissible behaviour on the platform. Unfortunately, there is no explicit mention of smoking. So, can you smoke on Twitch? Technically, yes, you can smoke on Twitch. But remember, the platform reserves the right to modify its policies, and depending on viewer reports, smoking during gameplay might be perceived negatively.

Smoking during Gameplay

While some streamers may smoke during gameplay, it’s essential to consider your audience’s reception. Twitch encourages content that maintains a safe and inclusive community. If your smoking is viewed as a breach of this atmosphere, it may result in a Twitch violation and penalty.

Consequences of Smoking on Twitch

Smoking on Twitch isn’t explicitly prohibited, but viewer reports could lead to strikes or bans if the act is seen as offensive or against the platform’s community standards. Remember, Twitch’s ultimate goal is to ensure a comfortable, inclusive environment for all users.

Can You Smoke Weed or Vape on Twitch?

Questions often arise about more specific forms of smoking – “Can You Smoke Weed on Twitch?” and “Can You Vape on Twitch?” Understanding Twitch’s policy is essential.

Twitch’s Moderation Policy and Drugs

Twitch explicitly states that any content promoting or encouraging illegal activities, including drug use, is prohibited. Therefore, unless marijuana is legal in your jurisdiction, smoking weed during a live stream may lead to Twitch violations and penalties.

Vaping on Twitch

Similar to smoking, vaping isn’t explicitly addressed in Twitch’s terms of use. However, considering the platform’s rules and policies and the potential negative impact on some viewers, streamers should carefully consider if vaping on stream aligns with the goal of creating a safe and inclusive community.

Twitch Guidelines for Other Behaviors

Understanding Twitch’s terms of service extend beyond smoking. For instance, what about drinking or NSFW content?

Can You Drink on Twitch?

Drinking is permitted on Twitch, but any behaviour that may endanger yourself or others, including excessive drinking, is against the Twitch content guidelines. It’s all about balance and respect for the community standards.

Twitch and NSFW Content

Twitch has a clear stance on NSFW content – it’s prohibited. Any sexually explicit content or content that is harmful, threatening, abusive, or violent violates the Twitch community guidelines.


While Twitch’s stance on smoking isn’t explicitly defined, it’s essential for streamers to prioritize creating content that aligns with the platform’s goal of maintaining a safe, inclusive environment. Be mindful of your actions and consider how they may be perceived by your viewers. When in doubt, err on the side of caution to avoid any potential Twitch violations and penalties.


Can You Do Drugs on Twitch?

Twitch’s terms of service prohibit content promoting or encouraging illegal activities, including drug use. So unless it’s legal in your jurisdiction, doing drugs on Twitch is not advisable.

Can Twitch Streamers Get Drunk?

While drinking is allowed on Twitch, any behaviour that might endanger oneself or others, including excessive drinking, is against the platform’s guidelines. Moderation is key.

Is Vaping Not Allowed on Twitch?

Vaping isn’t explicitly prohibited on Twitch, but streamers should consider how their actions might be perceived by their viewers and strive to maintain a safe and inclusive environment.

Does Twitch Allow NSFW?

Twitch community guidelines explicitly prohibit NSFW content. Any content deemed sexually explicit or violent is not acceptable on Twitch.

Are There Age Restrictions on Twitch?

Twitch requires users to be at least 13 years old. In some countries, the minimum age requirement might be higher. For mature content, streamers are encouraged to use the platform’s age-gate feature to restrict access to viewers aged 18 and above.