7 Tips for Just Chatting on Twitch.

What is Just Chatting on twitch?

Just Chatting is the most popular category on Twitch, It’s used when the streamer wants to have conversations with other streamers or viewers, live vlogging, Q&As, or simply when warming up at the start of the stream.

The Just Chatting category was created in 2018 when the IRL category was retired and Twitch created 10 IRL sub-categories; Art, Hobbies & Crafts, Food & Drink, Music & Performing Arts, Beauty & Body Art, Science & Technology, Just Chatting, Travel & Outdoors, Sports & Fitness, Tabletop RPGs, Special Events, Talk Shows & Podcasts, and ASMR.

Why should you stream Just Chatting on Twitch?

Because it’s popular!

According to StreamElements, Just Chatting became the most popular category in December 2019 and has since only increased in popularity, with the latest statistics showing that in February 2022, Just Chatting was the most popular category on Twitch with 252 Million Hours watched.

That’s more than Legends of Legends, VALORANT, and Fortnite. Combined.

Data was taken from TwitchTracker.com

Just Chatting is an excellent way to be more interactive with viewers, as you can chill out with chat and take a break from gaming.

What type of content should you stream in Just Chatting?

The sky’s the limit! Just be sure that your content is interesting and engaging. Viewers want to watch something that they can either participate in or simply chat along with. If you’re not sure what to stream, take a look at what other streamers in the just chatting category are doing and see if you can come up with something similar.

Just Chatting is different from the gaming categories in that the streamer is even more important when it comes to creating a fun and engaging stream.

Here are some tips to help you create an amazing Just Chatting stream.

Tips for Streaming Just Chatting on Twitch

1. Prepare topics to talk about.

I always recommend that you should have a list of topics to talk about during a stream, however, during a Just Chatting stream, this is even more important.

You should spend some time before the stream to list between 5-10 topics that you want to talk about, ideas of what you could talk about include;

  • Games you are currently playing
  • Real life stories
  • day-to-day life events
  • Hobbies & other interests
  • Current events
  • favourite things; Food, Pets, Clothes, Vacations, Games, Celebrities, etc.

You can always ask viewers about their day, what they’ve been up to, where they’re from, etc.

These are just examples of topics you could talk about, but don’t feel limited – as pretty much anything can be a Just Chatting stream topic!

2. Be prepared for questions.

Most of the time when streaming Just Chatting, viewers will be asking you questions. Be prepared to answer anything and everything.

You can expect people to ask you questions about anything and everything. Be prepared to answer them and have an idea of what you want to talk about. This will help keep the stream flowing and prevent it from becoming stagnant.

Some common questions that might be asked include;

  • What games are you playing?
  • What’s your favourite game?
  • How long have you been streaming?
  • Do you have a full-time job or go to school?
  • What’s your favourite Food, Drink, Animal, Colour, Streamer, etc.
  • What’s your favourite music genre, Singer, Band, etc.

3. Let your personality shine through.

This is one of the most important things to remember when streaming Just Chatting. Viewers want to feel like they’re hanging out with a friend, not watching someone play a game.

Talk about the things that you’re interested in and share some of your life experiences with viewers.

If you’re interested in a sport, talk about it. If you have a funny story about something that happened to you, tell it. Just be yourself and let your personality shine through!

4. Have a set schedule.

If you want people to tune into your stream, they need to know when it is happening. Having a set schedule will help with this. Whether you stream once a week or every day, having a set schedule will let your viewers know when to expect you.

5. Be prepared for anything.

When streaming, you never know what might happen (especially if you’re live). It is important to be prepared for whatever comes your way. If something unexpected does happen, try not to get too flustered and stay positive! Sometimes, unexpected moments can make for some great content and you can get big laughs from your viewers.

6. Try not to repeat yourself too much.

If you plan out your stream and create a list of things to talk about, you should be able to keep the flow going.

While it’s important to be engaging, try not to say the same things over and over again, people watching will see it as repetitive and boring, and will lose interest.

Be sure to mix things up and keep your stream interesting. This means talking about different topics, asking questions of your viewers, and having engaging conversations.

7. Have fun!

This is the most important thing to remember when streaming Just Chatting. If you’re not enjoying yourself, viewers will be able to tell and they won’t stick around for long. Be yourself, have some fun and enjoy the company of your viewers!

Build a show around your stream

Streaming just chatting is not for everyone. It’s difficult to get viewers when you are simply talking about random things, so it is best to build a show around it. If you’re streaming just chatting because that’s your regular daily life, then there may be ways to make the stream interesting.

For example, if you talk to your viewers while you’re cooking dinner, they may be more interested in what you’re making than if you were just talking about your day. If you have a pet, viewers may enjoy watching them play. Find a way to make your stream interesting and viewers will stick around longer.

How to stand out in the Just Chatting Category

While it may be difficult to get viewers in the Just Chatting category, there are a few things you can do to make your stream stand out.

One way is by using creative and interesting titles for your stream. If you have an interesting story to share or you’re doing a tutorial, be sure to mention that in the title. This will help attract viewers who are looking for something specific.

Another way to stand out is by using a creative overlay and banner. These are the images that appear on the top and bottom of your stream, and they can be used to showcase your personality or highlight what you’re streaming.

Finally, be sure to interact with your viewers. If you have a webcam, having a face cam can help viewers feel more connected to your stream.

Creative Streaming ideas

If you’re not the type of person that creates a show around your stream, there are plenty of creative ideas to help make your stream stand out.

One creative idea is to play a game with viewers. Maybe you could play hide and seek with your viewers on a public server, or maybe you could do a puzzle together.

Another idea is to do a themed stream. Choose a topic and stick to it for the entire stream. This could be anything from reading books to baking.

You could also make a stream based on your day. Talk about the tasks you completed, the food you ate, or the conversations you had. This can be a great way to connect with your viewers and let them know more about you.

Finally, you could use your stream to raise money for a charity. This is a great way to do something good and help out a worthy cause.


By following these tips, you can help ensure that your stream is enjoyable for both you and your viewers. Just chatting streams can be a great way to connect with people from all over the world and make some new friends. So, go ahead and give it a try!

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