How to setup a webcam for streaming on Twitch

how to setup webcam for streaming on twitch

Setting up a webcam for streaming on Twitch is very quick and easy to do to get started, however, there are some advanced things you can do to make your webcam even better for Streaming.

In this guide, we will show you how to set up a webcam for streaming on Twitch and some of the advanced settings you can use to make the webcam look better.

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How to setup a webcam from Streaming

1. Install the webcam on your PC or Laptop

Connect the webcam to your PC via USB-A cable into the USB-A port on your computer.

Drivers should automatically install and begin to work.

If you have trouble installing the webcam, check the installation manual.

2. Add the webcam to the Broadcasting Software

Now that you have installed the webcam, you can add the webcam as a source in your Broadcasting software.

I recommend using OBS, however, other broadcasting software works well too and adding a source is done the same way.

clicking on the + button at the bottom of the Sources section allows you to select “Video Capture Device”.

This opens a window that allows you to select the webcam in the Device dropdown and select additional settings.

3. Setup the lighting

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The lighting setup is one of the most important things to make the webcam quality look better. There are two main types of lighting; Lighting for the background and lighting for the subject.

You need good quality lights to get a professional-looking clear picture.

I recommend the Elgato Key Light which is generally regarded as the go-to lighting option for all professional content creators who live stream. Check out the best price currently on Amazon.

If you want to learn how to set up the perfect lighting for streaming check out this video below video by Harris Heller.

4. Setup the background

The background of a webcam is another important thing to consider, if the background doesn’t look very good then it can put some viewers off. You should make the background look as good as possible.

Nobody wants to see rubbish and clutter in the background, so keep everything clean and tidy.

Using additional background lighting and props can give the scene a unique look and provide character.

If you are unable to make the background look very good then you might want to invest in a greenscreen to hide the background.

5. Setup a GreenScreen (if required)

Greenscreens are excellent for content creators that cannot create a nice-looking background and want to create a digital background.

Check out how Twitch streamer Nilaus uses a Green Screen to show his face on stream in a simple and minimalistic way that avoids the webcam blocking gaming content unncessilaruly

I recommend the Elgato Green Screen which is generally regarded as the best green screen for streaming.


Creating good content doesn’t always require the need for a webcam, however, when a webcam is required, it’s best to make sure it’s a good quality picture and looks professional. hopefully, you have learned something in this guide for setting up a webcam for streaming.