How Do I Know If My Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Is 1st or 2nd Gen

Ever wondered how to determine the generation of your Scarlett 2i2 audio interface? It’s more common than you might think, and it’s crucial to ensure you’re utilizing your equipment to its fullest potential. Let’s dive in!

What is Scarlett 2i2?

Scarlett 2i2 is a renowned audio interface from Focusrite, known for its top-notch sound quality and intuitive design. It’s a must-have tool for professional musicians, producers, and podcasters alike. But did you know it has different generations with varying features and specifications?

Overview of Generations

1st Generation Scarlett 2i2

The 1st Generation Scarlett 2i2 marked a significant leap forward in digital audio technology when it was released. It provided high-quality, reliable sound recording for a broad range of users.

2nd Generation Scarlett 2i2

On the other hand, the 2nd Generation brought several enhancements to the table. Focusrite improved upon its predecessor with better latency, more robust build, and overall enhanced sound quality.

Identifying Your Scarlett 2i2’s Generation

There are a few ways to determine which generation your Scarlett 2i2 belongs to.

Visual Differences

Visually, the 2nd Gen Scarlett 2i2 has a more polished finish than the 1st Gen. It features a sleeker, metallic red finish and a softer-feeling volume knob.

Software and Driver Differences

Another tell-tale sign is through the software and drivers used. The 2nd Gen typically utilizes the Focusrite Control software, while the 1st Gen does not.

Serial Number Check

The most definitive method is by checking the serial number. It typically starts with ‘V’ for the 1st Gen and ‘S’ for the 2nd Gen.

Features Comparison Between 1st and 2nd Gen

Sound Quality

Both generations offer exceptional sound quality, but the 2nd Gen provides more clarity and detail in the audio capture.


The 2nd Gen boasts lower latency compared to the 1st Gen, which is particularly beneficial for real-time monitoring during recording sessions.

Build and Design

In terms of build, the 2nd Gen is more robust and features a sleeker design.

Why It Matters

The Importance of Knowing Your Scarlett 2i2 Generation

Knowing your Scarlett 2i2’s generation is crucial for optimal performance. It allows you to utilize the correct drivers and software, and it also helps in troubleshooting any potential issues.


So, identifying your Scarlett 2i2’s generation may seem like a bit of detective work at first, but it’s worth the effort. Whether it’s through visual clues, software differences, or serial numbers, knowing your generation can greatly enhance your audio recording experience. So, don’t wait, identify your Scarlett 2i2 today!

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Q1: Can I use the Focusrite Control software with my 1st Gen Scarlett 2i2?

  • No, the Focusrite Control software is generally designed for the 2nd Gen and later models.

Q2: Does the generation of my Scarlett 2i2 affect its sound quality?

  • Yes, while both generations deliver excellent sound quality, the 2nd Gen provides enhanced clarity and detail in the audio capture.

Q3: Is the serial number the most accurate way to determine my Scarlett 2i2’s generation?

  • Yes, checking the serial number is the most definitive method to determine your device’s generation.

Q4: Can the 2nd Gen Scarlett 2i2 operate on the drivers intended for the 1st Gen?

  • No, it’s recommended to use the updated drivers that come with the 2nd Gen for optimal performance.

Q5: Is there a visual difference between the 1st and 2nd Gen Scarlett 2i2?

  • Yes, the 2nd Gen Scarlett 2i2 features a more polished finish and softer-feeling volume knob compared to the 1st Gen.