Discord Commands – Chat & Bot Functions


In the vast realm of gaming and online communities, Discord reigns as the ultimate communication tool. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or an aspiring streamer, Discord offers a plethora of features to enrich your experience. Among these features, chat commands and bots play a pivotal role in streamlining communication, minimizing spam, and fostering efficient interactions. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various types of Discord commands, including those supported by two highly popular bots: MEE6 and Dyno.

Unleashing the Power of Discord Chat Commands

Discord chat commands are an excellent way to enhance your chatting experience on the platform. With these commands, you can infuse your conversations with fun and engagement, all without the need for a bot. What’s more, these commands are easily accessible by simply typing the forward slash (/) symbol followed by the command. Let’s delve into some of the basic Discord chat commands at your disposal:

1. /giphy [word or term]

Discover the perfect animated GIFs from Giphy’s extensive collection. Simply type the command followed by the desired search term, and a selection of GIFs will appear above your text. Choose the one that resonates with your message and let the fun begin!

2. /tenor [word or term]

Similar to the previous command, the /tenor command allows you to search for animated GIFs, this time from Tenor’s site. Once again, input your search term after the command, and a range of captivating GIFs will grace your chat window.

3. /tts [word or phrase]

Give your messages a voice! The /tts command utilizes text-to-speech technology to read your message aloud to all users currently viewing the channel. Whether it’s a grand announcement or a playful quip, let your words resonate audibly.

4. /me [word or phrase]

Want to emphasize a particular message? The /me command is your ally. By placing this command before your text, you can make it stand out in the channel, ensuring it catches everyone’s attention.

5. /tableflip

Sometimes, words fail to express our frustration or exasperation. In those moments, the /tableflip command comes to the rescue. Watch as an animated emote of a flipped table (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) manifests in the channel, providing an outlet for your emotions.

6. /unflip

After flipping a table, it’s only fair to restore it to its original position. The /unflip command accomplishes just that, bringing harmony back to the virtual realm. Witness the emote ┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) as it rights the table, signifying a return to equilibrium.

7. /shrug

Sometimes, we find ourselves at a loss for words or simply unable to provide a definitive answer. In such instances, the /shrug command is the perfect response. Convey your uncertainty or lack of concern with the timeless emote ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

8. /spoiler [word or phrase]

When discussing sensitive or spoiler-filled topics, it’s crucial to preserve the element of surprise. The /spoiler command achieves this by blacking out your message in the chat. Users must click on the message to reveal its content, ensuring a delightful surprise for those who dare to venture further.

9. /nick

Your identity on Discord matters, and with the /nick command, you can personalize it within a specific server. Change your nickname to reflect your persona or express your creativity among fellow community members.

By mastering these basic chat commands, you can elevate your Discord interactions to new heights of engagement and entertainment.

MEE6: Empowering Discord Servers with Customization and Moderation

MEE6 stands as one of the most versatile and feature-rich bots available on Discord. With its extensive toolkit, MEE6 empowers server owners to create custom commands, provide moderation tools, and even search for information. Let’s explore some of the key functionalities of MEE6:

Creating Custom Commands with MEE6

MEE6 allows you to unleash your creativity by designing custom commands tailored to your server’s needs. Follow these simple steps to bring your commands to life:

  1. Log in to your MEE6 dashboard.
  2. Select the Discord server for which you want to create custom commands by clicking the “Go to Dashboard” button.
  3. Navigate to the “Custom Commands” tab from the menu.
  4. Click “Create a Command” in the subsequent menu.
  5. Enter a command name after the exclamation point in the provided field, ensuring it is concise and easy to use.
  6. Define the response you want the bot to provide when the command is invoked.
  7. Optionally, add a command description, specify allowed/banned roles, banned channels, or cooldowns for the command’s usage.
  8. Click the “Add” button at the bottom of the screen to finalize your custom command.
  9. Test the command within your Discord server to ensure it functions as intended.

With MEE6’s custom commands, you can add a personal touch to your server, automate repetitive tasks, and provide valuable information to your community.

MEE6 Bot Moderation Commands

Maintaining a harmonious and well-regulated Discord server is essential for fostering a positive community environment. MEE6 offers a suite of moderation commands to help you accomplish this goal effectively. Let’s explore some of the best MEE6 Bot moderation commands at your disposal:

  1. !ban [member] [optional reason]
    This command enables you to ban a specific member from the Discord server, thereby enforcing necessary disciplinary actions.
  2. !tempban [member] [duration] [optional reason]
    Utilize this command to temporarily ban a member for a specific amount of time, ensuring proportionate consequences for their actions.
  3. !mute [member] [optional reason]
    By invoking this command, you can mute a member, restricting their ability to speak or type in the server, thereby maintaining order and peace.
  4. !tempmute [member] [duration] [optional reason]
    Similar to the previous command, this command temporarily mutes a member, preventing them from engaging in communication until the designated duration elapses.
  5. !unmute [member]
    Once a member has served their mute sentence, the !unmute command comes into play, restoring their ability to participate in the conversation.
  6. !slowmode [optional timeout] [optional off]
    If you wish to control the pace of the conversation in a specific channel, the !slowmode command allows you to enable or disable slow mode, regulating the frequency of messages.
  7. !kick [member] [optional reason]
    When a member’s actions warrant immediate removal from the server, the !kick command allows you to swiftly eject them, ensuring a safe and respectful environment for all.
  8. !infractions [member]
    Monitoring user behavior is crucial, and the !infractions command provides valuable insights by revealing the number of infractions a specific user has accumulated within the server.
  9. !warn [member] [optional reason]
    Should a member transgress the rules or engage in undesirable behavior, the !warn command serves as a formal cautionary measure, informing them of their wrongdoing.
  10. !clear [optional member] [optional count]
    Clearing messages is an effective way to maintain a clutter-free environment. The !clear command allows you to remove messages in a specific channel, promoting a streamlined conversation.

With MEE6’s powerful moderation commands, you can establish and enforce rules, ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for all members of your Discord server.

MEE6 Bot Search Commands

Knowledge and information are key to enriching any community. MEE6 offers a range of search commands that allow you to quickly find relevant content and resources. Let’s explore some of the best MEE6 Bot search commands available:

  1. !youtube [search]
    Need to find a specific YouTube video? Utilize the !youtube command to search for videos that align with your query, enhancing the sharing and discovery of multimedia content.
  2. !twitch [search]
    Searching for a specific stream channel on Twitch? Invoke the !twitch command to find streams that match your interests, keeping you connected with your favorite content creators.
  3. !imgur [search]
    Memes are an integral part of online culture, and with the !imgur command, you can effortlessly search for and share the latest humorous creations from the Imgur community.
  4. !urban [search]
    Stay up to date with the latest slang and phrases by utilizing the !urban command. This command searches the Urban Dictionary, providing definitions for terms in popular usage.
  5. !anime [search]
    Anime enthusiasts rejoice! With the !anime command, you can explore the vast world of anime by searching Kitsu for information about your favorite shows, characters, and more.
  6. !manga [search]
    Dive into the world of manga with the !manga command. Search Kitsu for manga titles, synopses, and other relevant information, expanding your literary horizons.
  7. !pokemon [search]
    Embark on a journey through the world of Pokémon with the !pokemon command. Search the Pokeapi Pokedex for comprehensive information about Pokémon species, abilities, and more.

By leveraging MEE6’s search commands, you can effortlessly access a wealth of information, fostering a knowledgeable and engaging community within your Discord server.

Dyno Bot: Elevating Your Discord Experience with Fun and Functionality

Dyno Bot is a versatile and feature-packed bot that enhances your Discord experience by providing an array of commands for moderation, entertainment, and miscellaneous tasks. Let’s explore some of the top commands that Dyno Bot offers:

Dyno Bot Moderation Commands

Maintaining order and moderation within your Discord server is crucial. Dyno Bot equips you with a set of moderation commands that enable you to efficiently manage your community. Let’s delve into some of Dyno Bot’s most useful moderation commands:

  1. ?addmod [role]
    Grant additional moderation powers by adding a designated moderator role, empowering trusted members to enforce rules and maintain order.
  2. ?ban [user] [limit] [reason]
    Exercise your authority by utilizing the /ban command to remove a member from your Discord server. Optionally, you can specify a time limit and reason for the ban.
  3. ?unban [user or id] [optional reason]
    When circumstances warrant reconsideration, the ?unban command allows you to lift a ban previously imposed on a user, providing an opportunity for redemption.
  4. ?softban [user] [reason]
    The /softban command serves as a swift disciplinary measure by banning a user and immediately unbanning them. This action ensures the removal of their messages, maintaining a clean chat environment.
  5. ?kick [user] [reason]
    Should a member’s actions necessitate their immediate removal, the ?kick command enables you to swiftly eject them from the server, preserving a respectful atmosphere.
  6. ?mute [user] [limit] [reason]
    To temporarily silence a member and prevent them from speaking or typing within the server, the ?mute command is a valuable tool. Specify the duration and reason for the mute.
  7. ?unmute [user] (optional reason)
    After a member has served their mute sentence, the /unmute command restores their ability to engage in communication, fostering reintegration into the community.
  8. ?lock channel (message)
    In situations that require temporary channel lockdown, the ?lock command empowers you to impose restrictions by setting a timer and displaying a custom message.
  9. ?unlock channel
    The ?unlock command releases a previously locked channel, restoring full communication capabilities for all members.
  10. ?announce everyone [channel] [message]
    Deliver important announcements to the entire community by utilizing the ?announce everyone command. Specify the target channel and compose a message that reaches every member.
  11. ?members [role]
    Retrieve a list of up to 90 members assigned to a specific role, providing valuable insights into the composition of your community.
  12. ?warn [user] [reason]
    When a member violates server rules or engages in inappropriate behavior, the ?warn command enables you to issue a warning, drawing attention to their actions and facilitating a dialogue for improvement.
  13. ?warnings [user]
    Access a member’s history of warnings within the server by invoking the ?warnings command. This information assists in making informed decisions regarding further disciplinary measures.
  14. ?note [user] [text]
    Maintain a record of important information or observations about a specific user with the ?note command. These notes aid in tracking user behavior and interactions.
  15. ?notes [user]
    Retrieve previously written notes about a user by utilizing the ?notes command. This feature allows for a comprehensive understanding of a member’s history within the server.
  16. ?clearnotes [user]
    When a clean slate is required, the ?clearnotes command removes all notes associated with a specific Discord member, providing a fresh start.
  17. ?deafen [user]
    Temporarily deafen a user to prevent them from hearing audio within voice channels. This command allows for additional moderation control over server interactions.
  18. ?undeafen [user]
    Restore a previously deafened user’s ability to hear audio within voice channels using the ?undeafen command.
  19. ?modlogs [user]
    Access a comprehensive list of moderation logs pertaining to a specific user with the ?modlogs command. This feature assists in tracking and documenting user actions.
  20. ?clean (optional number)
    Keep your server clutter-free by using the ?clean command to remove Dyno’s responses from the chat. Specify the number of messages to clean, ensuring a streamlined environment.

With Dyno Bot’s array of moderation commands, you can effectively maintain order, enforce rules, and foster a safe and welcoming community within your Discord server.

Dyno Bot Fun Commands

Discord is not all about rules and regulations—it’s also about having fun! Dyno Bot offers a range of fun commands to inject enjoyment and amusement into your chat. Let’s explore some of Dyno Bot’s top fun commands:

  1. ?cat
    Share the joy of adorable cats with the ?cat command. Watch as Dyno Bot generates a cute cat picture from the internet, automatically posting it in the channel for everyone to appreciate.
  2. ?dog
    Who can resist the charm of man’s best friend? Invoke the ?dog command to brighten up the chat with a delightful dog picture, courtesy of Dyno Bot.
  3. ?pug
    Pugs have a special place in our hearts, and with the ?pug command, you can revel in the cuteness of these endearing creatures. Let Dyno Bot treat you to a charming pug picture.
  4. ?itunes [song name]
    Stay in the groove with the ?itunes command, which provides basic information about a song, including the artist and album name. Share your favorite tunes with fellow community members.
  5. ?pokemon [name]
    Journey into the world of Pokémon with the ?pokemon command. Discover comprehensive information about Pokémon characters, including abilities, types, weight, and height.
  6. ?roll [dice size number – e.g., d20, or number of dice]
    Roll the dice and leave it to chance with the ?roll command. Whether you’re engaging in a role-playing game or simply seeking a random outcome, Dyno Bot has you covered.
  7. ?rps [choice]
    Challenge Dyno Bot to a game of rock-paper-scissors with the ?rps command. Choose your move, and let fate decide the victor.
  8. ?country [country code]
    Explore the world and satisfy your curiosity with the ?country command. Retrieve information about a specific country, including population, capital city, area, and main currency.
  9. ?space
    Unleash your inner astronomer with the ?space command. Discover captivating information about the space station, keeping abreast of celestial endeavors.
  10. ?flip
    When faced with a binary decision, let Dyno Bot settle the matter with the ?flip command. Flip a virtual coin and uncover the outcome of heads or tails.
  11. ?dadjoke
    Prepare for a chuckle or an audible groan with the ?dadjoke command. Dyno Bot will delight you with a random dad joke that brings laughter to the channel.
  12. ?norris
    Invoke the ?norris command and prepare to be entertained by a random Chuck Norris fact. Discover fascinating tidbits about the legendary martial artist and actor.
  13. ?poll “[message]” “[choice1]” “[choice2]”
    Engage your community with a lively poll using the ?poll command. Craft a message and present choices, allowing users to cast their votes and express their opinions.
  14. ?github [repository name]
    Stay connected with the world of coding and open-source projects by utilizing the ?github command. Retrieve information about a specific GitHub repository, keeping up to date with the latest developments.

With Dyno Bot’s fun commands, you can infuse your Discord server with entertainment, laughter, and a touch of randomness, fostering a vibrant and enjoyable community.

Dyno Bot Miscellaneous Commands

Dyno Bot goes beyond moderation and fun, offering a range of miscellaneous commands to cater to various needs. Let’s explore some of Dyno Bot’s top miscellaneous commands:

  1. ?afk
    Set up an AFK (Away From Keyboard) status that displays when you are mentioned but unavailable to respond. Inform others about your temporary absence, ensuring effective communication.
  2. ?afk set [status]
    Take AFK status a step further by showing it when you are mentioned and also displaying it in your nickname. This command provides increased visibility and clarity regarding your availability.
  3. ?afk ignore [channel]
    Customize your AFK status by excluding specific channels. By utilizing the ?afk ignore command, you can ensure that certain channels do not trigger your return from AFK status.
  4. ?color [hex number]
    Curious about a particular hex number and its significance? Invoke the ?color command to retrieve detailed information about the specified hex number, expanding your color palette knowledge.
  5. ?randomcolor
    Need inspiration for your next design or project? Let Dyno Bot surprise you with a random hex color generated by the ?randomcolor command. Explore new possibilities and expand your creative horizons.
  6. ?remindme [time] [reminder]
    Never forget important tasks or events with the ?remindme command. Set up reminders in a specific channel, ensuring you stay organized and on top of your schedule.
  7. ?avatar [user]
    Get a closer look at a user’s avatar with the ?avatar command. Dyno Bot produces a larger version of the user’s avatar, allowing for a more detailed view in the chat.
  8. ?dynoav
    Add a touch of Dyno Bot’s charm to your avatar with the ?dynoav command. Let Dyno Bot generate an avatar in its likeness, showcasing your appreciation for this beloved bot.
  9. ?whois [user mention]
    Gather valuable information about a specific user within the server with the ?whois command. Discover when they joined the server, signed up for Discord, and the roles they hold.
  10. ?distance [coords] [coords]
    Satiate your curiosity about geographical distances with the ?distance command. Calculate the distance between two sets of coordinates, satisfying your thirst for knowledge.
  11. ?discrim [4 numbers]
    Curious to know who shares the same Discord discriminator as you? Invoke the ?discrim command to generate a list of users with the specified four-digit discriminator number.
  12. ?membercount
    Stay informed about the growth of your Discord community with the ?membercount command. Retrieve the number of users currently in the server, keeping tabs on its expansion.
  13. ?serverinfo
    Obtain a comprehensive overview of your server with the ?serverinfo command. Discover details such as the number of members, channels, and the current number of people online.
  14. ?emotes
    Immerse yourself in the world of server-specific emotes with the ?emotes command. Explore a full list of available emotes, bringing an extra touch of personality to your server.

With Dyno Bot’s miscellaneous commands, you can tailor your Discord experience to suit your needs, ranging from personalization and organization to exploration and curiosity.


Discord chat commands, combined with the powerful capabilities of bots like MEE6 and Dyno, unlock a world of possibilities for your Discord server. By leveraging these commands, you can enhance engagement, streamline communication, and create a vibrant community environment. Whether you’re unleashing the power of custom commands, enforcing moderation, or adding a touch of fun, mastering Discord commands is key to maximizing your chat experience.