What Does BabyRage Mean?

What Does BabyRage Mean

The BabyRage Twitch emote is used when you want to highlight someone is throwing a tantrum or acting babyish, it can be used towards the streamer or other member of chat if they get very angry or upset and behaves like a baby when they don’t get their own way.

The BabyRage emote shows a baby crying for no reason.

The emote is often used to mock a streamer who is raging, crying, or generally going crazy on stream because they are not doing well in a video game.

The emote is also sometimes used towards other members of the chat who are acting like babies if they don’t get their own way within the stream. for example. if their request is declined by the streamer.

BabyRage Emote Origin

The BabyRage Emote was created for Twitch and is one of the original emotes introduced onto the streaming platform, it’s not clear the exact date the emote was added and the identity of the person in the emote is unknown. The emote was first seen in the Urban Dictionary in 2009.

it was popularized in Arteezy’s Twitch stream as he often gets angry and starts raging when he fails or has bad games while playing DotA 2 matches.

How is BabyRage Pronounced?

BabyRage emote is very easy to pronounce: “bay·bee”-“rayj”.


BabyRage emote is one of the original Twitch emotes. It first appeared in 2009 in the Urban Dictionary. It became popular because of its meaning. With it, viewers react to a streamer’s childish and angry behavior. Sometimes, the BabyRage emote is used to make the streamer even angrier.